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Pretty Little Liars: "Unbridled" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 4.23 "Unbridled"

Spencer tries to get more answers to the missing pieces of her memory, some of which might not be pretty to dig up. After finding out that Alison's mother may be hiding something crucial, the girls agree to attend her little bridal fashion show in order to uncover what that may be. Going by clues from before, they finally contact Alison and in the end go to properly meet her.

The Possible Twin Storyline Returns?

I know this is something that's been denied in the past, but based on previous statements from the producers I don't really believe anything they say anyway, so I'm bringing this up again for my own theorizing based on things that are evidenced in the show itself, especially recently, and particularly after a cast member mentioned something in a recent interview which has got me thinking.

Let's say for a moment that they are setting things up for there being a twin reveal. Who would it most likely be, and why?

I know that Sasha Pieterse did an interview some while ago where she basically refuted the notion, saying that they weren't going in that direction with Alison like in the books, but hinted that someone else might have a twin. I'm still banking on them actually following through with going by the books though, because we've been told before certain things weren't going to happen but then the show contradicted those statements (i.e. Mona being on the "A" team for the first big reveal in S2 which was in the books), but if another character on the show is revealed to have a mysterious twin then it would be one hell of a twist, especially if it's of someone we know. Of course, the question remains on who this may be and why they would go to such lengths to want to torment and hurt not just Alison but the rest of the girls as well. And to be honest, that could be anyone at this point.

I could speculate and make theories and fanwank on who it could be and what happened, but quite frankly the season finale will either give answers as to what happened that night and who is really behind everything or they will leave it with a cliffhanger.

Whatever it is, I'm hoping that certain things will be revealed in the finale.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Ella Montgomery returning! I have missed her, and was wondering whether she was going to come back to Rosewood. Furthermore, I really loved how she has the calm maternal instincts, realizing that shit went down and she is willing to be patient and wait it out even when her own daughter is angry and lashing out towards her. I know that Aria was upset about many things that she can't even begin to articulate, but it wasn't really necessary to do that with her mother who just returned. But in a way, I understand. Ella understood too, which is why she didn't make a huge fuss over it. I wish more television mothers acted the way Ella does, tbh. To have that level of understanding when their child is hurting inside and doesn't know what to do with that anger and hurt and won't yell at them for being emotionally broken, etc. We need more Ella Montgomery's in this world.

++ Oh, and her being proposed to was a cute little reveal. I'm hoping that she gets that happy ending even if nobody else is getting that at the moment. :)

++ Jason is also back! Curious about what has been going on with him though, considering that not only was his story about being in rehab a lie but perhaps there's more going on behind the scenes than we realize with him.

++ Emily breaking up with Paige. Self-explanatory.

++ Can we talk about Shay's boobs in that wedding dress? Because dayum. *__*

++ I'm taking my guess now: either Mona or Jason followed the girls.

++ I'm equally confused and fascinated by Jessica DiLaurentis, and I'm torn on whether she knows about her daughter being alive (or her twin, if they are going in that direction) or she is too consumed by grief after everything that she is living in her own delusions for comfort. Granted we don't know much about her other than the flashbacks and her state of mind in the aftermath of things, but her suspicions and paranoia and grief all wrapped into one, it makes you question what is really going on with her and that family.

Overall: Season finale next week, which I'm anticipating. Mostly for seeing Alison's version of what went down, and everything leading up to her disappearing and hiding out to contacting the girls and finally getting answers as to who has been tormenting them all.
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