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Give me something to talk about.

I've been seeing this circulated around my flist and it looks very interesting, it would give me something to talk about to let you guys know more about me, plus get me to become a bit more regularly active.

Comment to this post with questions/topics for one of the following dates and I'll answer them starting on April 1st.

April 1 - I demand a post from bizarro-world rogueslayer452 for April fool's day! (orangerful)
April 2 - TV shows, movies, books and videogames you know about, especially in the scifi-fantasy genre, that you want to get around to watching/reading/playing at some point but haven't yet, and why they sound interesting. (noybusiness)
April 3 - describe your family. Do you have siblings or are you an only child? (thekaiserchief)
April 4 - Shows/movies/books/video games that you wish hadn't been cancelled or wish had a sequel, and why. Your ideal concept for any such sequels and continuations, if you have one. (noybusiness)
April 5 - What character or character(s) is most like you? (wheatear)
April 6 - The things you would've changed in S4 of Lost Girl? (giallarhorn)
April 7 - Movie, TV, book or video game spinoffs you wish existed. (noybusiness)
April 8 - What are the things that are most likely to make a fandom appealing to you? (philstar22)
April 9 - What’s your favourite book in a series? (verdande_mi)
April 10 - your thoughts on shipping. (thekaiserchief)
April 11 - top 5 favorite characters from different shows? (to clarify: if you had to choose 5 favorite characters from 5 different shows, who would they be?) (thekaiserchief)
April 12 - What are your hopes for the future of your favorite characters? (philstar22)
April 13 - What’s your favourite season of your favourite show? (verdande_mi)
April 14 - Ships you wish had happened in TV/movies/books/games. (noybusiness)
April 15 - if you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for? (thekaiserchief)
April 16 - What is your ideal TV show? (noybusiness)
April 17 - Out of all your fandoms, who is the one character you will defend to the death for? (noybusiness)
April 18 - Pick a cast from any fandom and do a gender/sex swap. (wheatear)
April 19 - How do you feel about the differences between GoT and the books? (giallarhorn)
April 20 - What is something that made you laugh today? Or, what is something that guarantees to make you laugh no matter what? (noybusiness)
April 21 - A book that you really want to see adapted on-screen and how you would do it. (wheatear)
April 22 - Claire/Topher and what you wish their story line had been. (noybusiness)
April 23 - A TV show you think absolutely everyone should watch at some point in their life. You can make it a movie if you can't pick one show :) (mfirefly10)
April 24 - your first job - volunteer or paid, just the first time you were "working" (orangerful)
April 25 - If you could change something in canon of one of your current fandoms, what would it be? (noybusiness
April 26 - Which fandom do you think has the best worldbuilding and why? (philstar22)
April 27 - What do you look for in a piece of fanfiction, as a reader? (noybusiness)
April 28 - Do you have an opinion that you think is particularly controversial or could be surprising to other people? What is it? (noybusiness)
April 29 - Which fandom world would you most like to live in and why? (philstar22)
April 30 - The ending of a show (or a movie. or a book) that you absolutely hated and how you would've changed it. The ending of a show or movie or book you loved and why you thought it worked so well. (mfirefly10)

You can ask me as many questions as you like on as many days as you like (even if the slots are full, I don't mind answering more on a single day), and you can ask anything you'd like, from fandom to just random irl questions. Anything you wanted to know about me but have never gotten the chance to ask, here is your chance.
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