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Let the priests argue over good and evil.

++ There are still days available for the April question/topic meme. If you haven't asked me questions but would like to, please pick do so while there's still time left! :)

++ It's getting closer and closer to the premiere (all the excites!), and amongst all the interviews and BTS and press, we've been graced with yet another awesome trailer for Game of Thrones S4:

The song used is "Devil Inside" by London Grammar.

++ Apparently Syfy is promising less reality shows and bad original movies and more of actual scifi programs on their supposed scifi channel, starting with premiering a new limited space opera series. On one hand I'm definitely going to be checking this new series out because, let's face it, I'm kind of a sucker when it comes to space opera-esque science fiction. However, I'm still side-eying them hard for the decisions they've made over the years, a.k.a. mishandling and unfairly canceling shows even when they're considered the top-rated fan favorites. Most recent example is Warehouse 13, which is ending this year in six final episodes for their final season, which I think is bullshit they should have gotten a full season order instead of a lousy six episodes to wrap everything up, ffs.

There's still that lingering bitterness that probably won't ever go away, but I'm also not opposed to giving new shows the opportunity to be seen either. Just give me more scifi/fantasy in your lineup without fucking it up, Syfy, and we'll be okay.
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