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April Question Meme: Day Two

Asked by noybusiness:

TV shows, movies, books and videogames you know about, especially in the scifi-fantasy genre, that you want to get around to watching/reading/playing at some point but haven't yet, and why they sound interesting.

I really want to play Skyrim, so so badly. I've watched the various walkthroughs, listened to the soundtrack, and the fact that you get to create your own character and advance and level up from there and go on various quests, it just looks so beautiful and has great world-building. I've never been much of a gamer, much less ventured into the RPG aspect of gaming, but Skyrim is one of the games I've been interested in for a while now because of how awesome it looks and how I really would like to build my own character and go off doing quests and whatnot. The only issue is whether I should get the PC or Xbox version. Going along the same lines, I've also been intrigued by The Last Of Us, Amnesia and Assassin's Creed due to their storylines, and how one of the three will no doubt make me cry.

For books, I have the first Sword of Truth book that I still haven't gotten around to reading yet. I got it around the time when Legend of the Seeker was still airing, but was really bitter after its cancellation so I just held off on reading it, even though I know that the show took a different direction from the books. Also, the first book is really thick and I'm kind of in the middle of reading ASOIAF at the moment. I'll get to reading it at some point, I'm sure.

As far as television and movies go, I can't think of anything of the scifi/fantasy genre at the moment (I'm sure it will come to me later.) There are plenty of things on my television queue that I've been meaning to watch and check out but haven't yet. The main one that I really want to watch from the beginning is Shameless (US) because I've heard so many good things about it and how so many people are pissed that the show hardly gets recognized and how it's criminal that Emmy Rossum hasn't gotten an Emmy for her performance yet, and from the clips I've seen I'm already kind of emotionally invested with the characters as it is, and that says something.
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