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April Question Meme: Day Four

Asked by noybusiness:

Shows/movies/books/video games that you wish hadn't been cancelled or wish had a sequel, and why. Your ideal concept for any such sequels and continuations, if you have one.

I literally have so many, like most of my fandoms are of unjustly canceled shows or things that didn't get proper endings and should have had more to them, but of course TPTB are unfair and don't want anyone to be happy. Since there's plenty on my list, I'm just going to name several, and even then this may get a little long and quite rambly.

Caprica, I feel, was criminally robbed of being shown its true potential and I'm still incredibly bitter about its cancellation to this day. I feel that Syfy didn't give it a proper chance from the very start, which still confuses me since it was a prequel series to Battlestar Galactica, you know one of their top-rated successful shows on their channel. It should have at least been promoted better than it was. Caprica did start off a bit slow, but it picked up rather quickly during the second half of the season, which the channel didn't do that any favors when they gave their mid-season an extended hiatus and changed the airing date and time without much warning. I also feel like there was a lot of mixed reactions about the show in general, even before it aired, and that people didn't really give it the proper chance it deserved.

My ideal concept for its continuation was already shown during the series epilogue, which was basically the preview of what the second season would have been like. And it would have been amazing, had the show not been prematurely canceled.

Ravenswood is a recent one that I'm still getting over them canceling after only ten episodes. I'm still surprised by it, actually, considering it was a spin-off of Pretty Little Liars, which is quite high in popularity. I would have figured it would have lasted a bit longer than it did. To be fair though, it was more of a stand-alone series than a direct spin-off with only a character and some events to connect the two, but even so it had a good story to tell and that finale was very open-ended with so many questions left unanswered. I would have liked them to at least have been given the opportunity to wrap everything up proper, especially since the character of Caleb will be returning to Pretty Little Liars and he went through some pretty heavy stuff that shouldn't be ignored.

Legend of the Seeker was one of those shows that I got into right when they had announced it being canceled, and believe me for someone who got obsessed with it rather quickly I was very pissed hearing that such a fun show was being axed. It had two seasons, and the season season (series) finale was pretty satisfactory with an open door for more, but I still think it deserved a third season to continue the story. I also think it's unfair that the last shot of Cara was her looking sort of longingly at Kahlan and Richard happily reuniting. If nothing else, I wanted more of Cara in a possible third season and her loyalty and affections for this little family she had grown attached to, and the obvious Kahlan/Richard/Cara threesome that would eventually happen. ;)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the show where it was about all these fabulously complex women, two of which are both protecting and preparing John Connor for his future and destiny; a show where it melds perfectly with the mythos of the first two Terminator films, and it so rudely got canceled after two seasons. Granted, the fact it was given a second season on FOX to begin with was a blessing in itself, but I felt like this was such an underrated and under-appreciated series and deserved more recognition and promotion, it was just so damn good. And besides, it's part of the Terminator franchise, how the hell do you pass that up, I ask you? The finale was great for what it was, giving us a nice way of ending the show even though they could have done more with it.

If it were to have a third season, my ideal scenario would be Sarah (in present day) to come to terms with her illness while still trying her hardest to fight against the machines, possibly finding ways of helping John with him being in the future (i.e. leaving messages for him, etc.) I also would have liked to have seen her working with Ellison, them being on the same level now. Also, in my scenario, Jesse Flores is still alive and after some questioning and suspicions she ends up helping Sarah Connor. And John, being displaced in a future timeline, will have to find a way of searching for Cameron and Weaver while maintaining his cool, and using the clues left for him to find and his training to help those around him.

(Yes, I've thought a lot about this, my headcanons for a third season have been expanding ever since the show ended, it's not even funny.)

Dollhouse deserved not only more seasons, but more time to build up to what they were heading towards. Particularly in the second season, there were many things building up to something much bigger, but of course the news about it being canceled led them to speeding things along, including massive time jumps, so we don't really get much to understand the development of certain things or why things happened the way they did. It should have had a third season to at least explain those missing links, like have it be a prequel filling in those blanks to fully understand what we missed.

Warehouse 13 hasn't technically ended yet, but it's been canceled and their fifth and final season is only six episodes. And I think that's bullshit. Perhaps I should be grateful that they've been given six episodes to wrap the show up instead of pulling the plug immediately, but it seems like it's become more common for there to be this "only six episodes" deal to conclude a series. But this is Syfy, where they've enforced this new thing where shows cannot go longer than four or five seasons, no matter how top-rated and popular they are. Warehouse 13 isn't the first show to suffer from this and it won't be the last, unfortunately, and I just think that it's bullshit. The show has lasted this long because people love it, it has quite a dedicated fanbase, and there's so much to tell and places to go with these characters and their relationships, but nope.

I don't have an ideal concept for a continuation really, just more episodes of silly adventures of "snagging, bagging and tagging" artifacts and wacky family shenanigans. I would love to see the evolution of Claudia and her taking on her destiny of being the new Warehouse caretaker, and of course actually seeing Myka/HG being in a relationship as they've been hinting and wanting to actually do on the show. It's just, this show has been my happy place, even if the later seasons have been more heavy in the emotions department. I don't want to let it go. :(


** Firefly, naturally, although to be fair despite us wanting more episodes it did get itself a movie to wrap up one particular storyline and to give a sense of closure, plus there's the comic books to continue to 'verse. Not many canceled shows have the privilege of getting anything extended, so I consider Browncoats very lucky in this case.

** Dark Angel, the second season added so much mythology and it got canceled before anything was ever really answered about it, particularly things involving Max and her destiny. Sure, I read what they planned on doing and there are the tie-in novelizations, but honestly I think a third season (or telemovie?) would have sufficed a bit more to actually explain things? idk Either way, it ended too quickly for me and I wanted more because I loved it (even though in retrospect the second season isn't really as good as the first season, but I digress.)

** Carnivale, it ended on a cliffhanger you motherfuckers, what the fuck? Conclude that shit.

** Wonderfalls, ahead of it's time in quirky hilarity, and I just wanted to see where it all went from there.

** Tru Calling, I was really into the mythology of what was going on, especially with Tru and Jack being kind of opposite of each other; one brings back life, the other restores order of death, and I wanted to see the outcome of their storylines since it, too, ended on a cliffhanger.

** Popular (WB) because let's face it, anyone who ever watched that show wanted to see what happened after that freaking car crash which was another fucking cliffhanger. Basically, any show that gets canceled on a cliffhanger is something I rage about.

There are of course many other shows that I know I am forgetting to add to this list, but again many of my shows have been either canceled or ended at a place where it shouldn't have and I wished it could have continued because I loved them or I just wanted to see how it ended, dammit. But life isn't fair, TPTB aren't fair, amazingly awesome shows get canceled for no reason whatsoever and we basically have to resort to fanfiction and our own headcanons. Which isn't necessarily bad, sometimes it's even better, but other times that lingering question of "why?" pops back into your head and you just need to curse TPTB for the umpteenth time. And sometimes you do both because you think about your headcanons and then you go, "argh, why wasn't this an actual thing universe?" So, yeah.

For movies, I still want The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest sequels to David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I know they planned on doing the rest of the trilogy during the filming of the first one, but it has been delayed since they've kind of gone off doing other scheduled projects. They keep saying there's the possibility of them going back and doing them, but the more the years go by the less likely it seems.

Also, even though it was meant to be a singular movie, I kinda wanted to see a sequel to Hanna following what happens next. What happens to Hanna after all the events that occurred? How does she manage adapting to the outside world? What does she do with the knowledge about herself? You know, those kinds of things.
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