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April Question Meme: Day Six

Asked by giallarhorn:

The things you would've changed in S4 of Lost Girl?

Oh boy, where do I start?

I wouldn't have allowed the mystery of what happened to Bo go on for that long, since it really served no purpose anyway, and it only delayed having everything else involving her father be rushed in the last couple of episodes of the season. Instead, I would have had the premiere be about what actually did happen to her, along with some things back at home with her friends and family (not with the memory loss) to try and locate her, and either by the end of the premiere or the second episode she would have returned to them with some startling information which sets off the season with a bang leading into the ultimate reveal about her father.

I would have spent more time on the mythology of things, considering they already introduced bits and pieces but it seemed weird that they never really dealt with anything of it until the last minute, and even then it was all scattered and made no sense to what we were led to believe.

Rayner/The Wanderer reveal was such a disappointment, he was very useless and kind of a tool (and was there for Bo to immediately fall in love with? the fuck was that nonsense.) I wouldn't even have included him at all, tbh. I would rather have had the Wanderer be a messenger for her father, and nothing more other than that.

Massimo should have died immediately when he jumped into that fire pit at the beginning of the season.

Lauren should have had more to do. I thought they were going to go more into her past this season, which we did get a little bit of information but nothing else came from that. I would have wanted more of Lauren and Evony bonding and teaming together, even with Lauren just playing her the entire time. It was a wasted opportunity to see them kind of working together and seeing a whole different side of Evony, which is something I've wanted for a long time but we never really see her as her own person. Just the embodiment of the bad reputation the Dark Fae represent. I also wanted more dealing with the fact that Lauren can make Fae human and make human a Fae, since that seemed like to be a huge fucking deal, you know.


I would not have killed off these two beautiful souls who have finally just got together in the season, and instead would have allowed them to be cutesy with their relationship and have tons of making out and sexytimes. To be fair though, the thing with Kenzi does make sense because she made the decision to sacrifice herself, and besides we know that the show will bring her back anyway because the very essence of the show is about the friendship between Bo and Kenzi. However, Hale? There is no guarantee he'll come back, and what they did to him was bullshit. And again, it didn't really serve any purpose because they played it off like he was ~supposed to have died in order to bring Bo closer to her destiny or whatever, and I just. Ugh. No. Also, the resolve for Kenzi to sacrifice herself was obviously done because she seemed done with everything; she wasn't in a good place with Bo, but had to make her peace before she did what she needed to do to save everyone, and she thought it would have been able to see Hale again. It's just all devastating and it shouldn't have happened. I wouldn't have allowed that to happen. They both deserved to be happy and not with all this heartache.

Basically, as much as I love Lost Girl, the fourth season was a scattered mess. It had so much dumped into the last few episodes when they should have explored it all throughout the season. While it did have some good things (Tamsin and Kenzi, for example, Tamsin/Bo moments, and just Tamsin in general), the execution of the storyline was disappointing and the overall seasonal structure was horrible. It should have been more plot and mythology and less wasting time with memory loss and filler episodes.

Since Lost Girl has a new showrunner for its fifth season, it can go either way, but I'm hoping it will be much better and that things will actually start making sense again.
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