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Game of Thrones: Season Four Premiere

Game of Thrones 4.01 "Two Swords"

The fact that the season starts off with Tywin Lannister melting Ned Stark's sword and then proceeding to burn a felt of a wolf while the Rains of Castamere is playing during the entirety of the scene all before the opening credits is truly remarkable. What a way to begin the season.

I quite liked the premiere, it was very good, but of course I'm anticipating the second episode for obvious reasons. But let's see what I enjoyed in this one...

** Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand. ♥ I am pretty much here these two and their storyline, tbh. Never mind that they are just scrumptious, both separately and together. I also enjoy seeing that they added in their bisexuality as well. Just give me Oberyn making out with a guy, and I'll be happy okay?

** DANY AND HER DRAGONS. DANY COOING OVER HER DRAGONS. DROGON LAYING HIS HEAD ON HER LAP LIKE A FUCKING PUPPY. ♥ But of course, like Jorah says, dragons cannot be tamed, even by their own mother. The bigger they get, the more uncontrollable they'll become, and Dany will learn firsthand what that means soon enough. Of course, would it have killed them to allow her to mention her dragons names? Even just a small, "Drogon" or "Viserion" would have sufficed during that scene.

** I like the recasting of Daario, much better actor imho. His character is still a huge tool and douchebag of course, but at least I can buy Dany having a ladyboner for him.

** Can I just mention how much I adored Olenna gushing over Brienne? Like, it's not even just the fact of how adorable it was seeing her practically fangirling over her, but the fact that Brienne was being complimented in such a high manner when she probably was never complimented like that before in her life. Olenna was giving her the highest of compliments, almost like she was ready to have banners made in her honor or something. And Brienne, obviously flustered and not knowing what to do with those comments, just goes all formal again and Olenna still has that little smile on her face. Idk, I thought it was a very cute moment. :3

** Speaking of, I loved the scene between Brienne and Jaime. "Are you sure we're not related?" It's meant to be a snarky comment, because that's what Jaime does, but come on, for someone like Jaime who has boinked his own sister, there's such irony in that statement. ;) Regardless though, I kinda like that they have this sort of relationship now where he can say things like that and she just rolls her eyes. There's no animosity. Their banter is same, and yet different, because they both have a mutual admiration and respect for each other. Give me more of them in future eps, pls.

** Jaime and his golden hand, though. Bless.

** Sansa actually smiled in this episode, be still my heart. My sweet bby Sansa, we must savor these moments for all we can. ♥ ♥ ♥

** Jon Snow being all authoritative in front of the Night's Watch, laying it all down about what he did and why he did it and the information he found out, and basically telling them that shit was gonna go down. I quite liked that moment. It's like, "there's bigger shit to deal with and you want to kill me for breaking some rules?"

** I'm having a Shae situation here. Knowing what I know about what happens to her character from the books, and knowing that they've set her character up much differently (for the better) in the show, I'm worried about how they will present her fate on the show. The handmaiden who overheard her and Tyrion makes me think of things and I care too much for Shae that I'm afraid, even though I know what's coming I'm not ready for this yet. Shae, bby, just take Sansa and RUN AWAY. TAKE THE GOLD CHAIN TYRION GAVE YOU AND BOTH OF YOU RUN FAR FAR AWAY FROM KING'S LANDING. This is all I ask, and yet I know it cannot be true. ;__; Just give me all the fanfics about Sansa and Shae's Great Adventure Elsewhere and let me live in that fantasyland forever, pls. **clutches Shae close to her heart**

** That last scene being Arya and the Hound, fighting the King's men and Arya killing more men and getting Needle back and getting her revenge. Nicely done scene. But also, it makes me extremely sad.

Like, people will praise Arya for being badass and seeing a bad guy get what's coming to him and everything, but this is a child is is becoming a cold-blooded killer out of mere survival in a hostile environment. She has lost her innocence, she has witnessed and gone through some of the most horrific things that nobody should ever have to endure, and while it seems badass to wield a sword and be active in that sense she is being driven due to anger and revenge, because that's all she knows at this point. It's just really depressing. And for anyone who has read the books knows it doesn't lighten up, either. :(

However, I will say that I liked the symbolism of the last scene in comparison of the opening scene. It's like bookends of each other; Tywin is destroying a Stark sword, whereas Arya is reclaiming hers. Perfection, simply brilliant.

So yeah, that's all I have to say about it at this moment. All in all, the premiere was very good, but next episode is what we're all anticipating, and I cannot wait.
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