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April Question Meme: Day Eight

Asked by philstar22:

What are the things that are most likely to make a fandom appealing to you?

Something with a compelling story that remains consistent with interesting and complex characters that the audience should want to care about, with women being treated like actual people who have stories and agencies of their own, and diversity would be nice too. I want the creators/writers to care about the story and the characters rather than see them as being expendable, flip-flopping on their characterizations or use them in pointless tired tropes and stereotypes for added ~drama, usually for network ratings (ex. like fucking love triangles, enough already with those nobody likes them jfc.) If there's one thing I dislike most of all is getting into something and it's good for a while and has all this potential to be something fantastic, but then the quality quite noticeably deteriorates. That makes me lose interest real fast, and it's more disappointing than anything.

When I look at my collection of fandoms, from Battlestar Galactica to Pretty Little Liars, the demographics are all different but they share the same thing that appeal to me, which is the manner of their storytelling and having me care about what happens to these characters. Like, there will be plotholes and ridiculous things happening, but at the end of the day if I'm not that upset about it in its entirety and I still love the story being told, then it's all good for me.

Does that make sense?
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