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April Question Meme: Day Ten

Asked by thekaiserchief:

Your thoughts on shipping.

Shipping is an amazing part of fandom. Once you find a pairing that you like, you then start reading all the fanfiction, looking at all the fanart, creating these fanworks yourself, squeeing with people who also like the same pairing. It's a great community to share the interest of two (or more) characters. There is no better feeling than finding kindred spirits in a specific fandom who understand the love of characters and pairings and just the universe in general. It's a beautiful thing.

The biggest downside, though, comes from shipping wars. This is a huge negative in any fandom space, and it can get absolutely vicious. And for what? What does fighting with someone over shipping differences ever achieve, other than endless wank? At the end of the day, it's all personal preference that not everyone will agree with, but everyone should respect the boundaries of every fan's right to enjoy. Don't harsh their excitement just because you don't personally like it. It's that simple. There's also the issue with tinhatters, extreme shippers who truly believe that their ship is real and will try to convince not just other fans, but crossing the boundaries to bombard actors and creators to pander to their shipping needs within canon (or, in the case of RPS, wanting it to happen IRL even going so far as harassing the real life actors.) But they are in a different league entirely on their own, and something I actively try to avoid at all costs.

But in my opinion, the positive outweigh the (very loud) negative. Fandom is supposed to be a safe happy place, and shipping should be enjoyed by anyone and everyone as long as we respect each other. :)
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