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April Question Meme: Day Fourteen

Asked by noybusiness:

Ships you wish had happened in TV/movies/books/games.

** Faith/Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Technically speaking, if you're going simply by subtext they were totally together for a time during the third season, and the seventh season was them sort of rekindling, reconciling and rebuilding that relationship after everything that went down. But yeah, even though I knew why it didn't happen, I still wished it did because, come on, there's no way to look at them (especially in "Bad Girls") and not see the obvious sexual tension.

** Max/Zack (Dark Angel). They actually did hint at things with Zack being in love with Max, how he treated her differently than the rest of their siblings, and I was all on board with them exploring more of that, so I was (and still am) disappointed that they didn't do anything with it. I wished for more scenes with them, more of their connection.

** Veronica/Weevil (Veronica Mars). If there was any pairing that needed to happen above all else, it was these two. They had the chemistry, the playful banter, the "I do you a favor, you do me a favor" friendly competition; Weevil seemed very concerned when it came to Veronica whenever something horrible happened to her and would help her own at times when she needed it. Like, I like them being just friends but I wished for something more.

** Bo/Tamsin (Lost Girl). Sure, they've shared kisses and had touching bonding moments, but that's kind of normal for this show, and it's not really enough to sort of say that they've gotten together. I want something official, I want something that says that Tamsin and Bo will at least have some sexytimes other than massive making out sessions (though I will accept that even without the nekkidness, just an entire episode of them making out or something would be nice enough, tbh.)

** Cara/Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker). It would have happened eventually, I'm convinced of that. Or better yet, Cara/Kahlan/Richard. OT3 forever. ♥

** Dany/Jorah (Game of Thrones / A Song Of Ice And Fire). Not necessarily in the books, but definitely on the show. Come on, when you have someone like Iain Glenn portraying Jorah how can you not be attracted to him and want to jump his bones?

** Dany/Jon Snow (Game of Thrones / A Song Of Ice And Fire). This is something I'm hoping will happen in the future of the series, because I really like the prospect of them not only meeting, but becoming involved, never mind they kind of feature the ice and fire aspect of the series (I'm also a firm believer in the R+L=J theory, which them coming together would be inevitable and the more I think about it the giddier I get for such a possibility.) If they don't meet at any point in the series, I'd say it would be a wasted opportunity. But regardless, I still ship them even if they don't.

** John/Cameron (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). It was tantalized throughout the show, including John starting to realize how much he actually might love and be emotionally attached to Cameron, and Cameron with her obvious love and devotion to John, but nothing ever actually happened to make it official. The only thing we ever got to anything close was this particular scene in the series finale. They've had numerous touching and intimate scenes on the show, ones that were all about their characters understanding each other and getting close to each other, and it was strongly implied due to John's growing trust with Cameron especially in the second season (in fact all of season two was challenging this relationship, from the premiere of Cameron's declaration of love to the finale with John being in distress over Cameron being gone and then time-jumping after her), but they never actually got together in the sense that you would think for a pairing, and it was kind of frustrating waiting for it to happen only to have the series be canceled before anything else could occur. But as far as I'm concerned, it's because of all their scenes and moments on the show that made then canon. It's sort of like Mal/Inara from Firefly; you knew based on their build-up that the intention was to get there eventually, but they just weren't given enough time.

** Harry/Luna, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Draco, Hermione/Krum (Harry Potter). Putting all of these pairings together in one slot. I liked the concept of Harry and Luna being together because they meshed rather well, same with Harry and Hermione. They complemented each other on certain levels that I felt it was more organic if they had gotten together based on the nature of their friendship, and it just makes sense. With Harry/Draco, well, they're my OTP so this is something I half-heartedly wished did happen in canon, but I know that it wouldn't have been possible. And with Hermione/Krum, I just loved them together. He was super sweet to Hermione and actually liked her for being herself; she gained a sense of confidence knowing that someone good-looking like Viktor Krum would ever be interested in her, and how it wasn't out of pity or as an afterthought or anything like that, but how he genuinely thought she was interesting. I liked that, and I wished that they had actually gotten together for real in the books, like almost as an endgame in the future.

** Rachel/Joey (Friends). I've never really been much of a fan of the show, but I'll never understand why they never actually became endgame. I thought Ross was such complete condescending asshole and that Rachel deserved much better. At the time when they were "testing the waters" of the possible Rachel/Joey connection, Joey seemed very genuinely caring and compassionate with Rachel. Like, sometimes with certain characters you don't really see it until they do something like that and it's like a lightbulb goes on. Of course they work for each other! I thought they were adorable, and I'm pissed that they didn't go in that direction after everything.

** Dan/Blair (Gossip Girl). This show was a hot mess of stupidity, but they got one thing right by having Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf get together....until the last season when they literally pretended that it never happened at all. What bullshit. Like yeah, they did happen in the show and I'm grateful for what little time they had together, but I wanted it to be endgame. It had the formula of it being endgame (think: Seth/Summer from the The O.C.), but for some stupid reason they didn't go that direction. Many stupid things happened on this show didn't make sense (like Dan being Gossip Girl in the end, lol whut.) So, I reject their canon and substitute my own in that Dan/Blair are living happily ever after away from all those idiots that live in NYC.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Some of these are pairings that were slightly tested out but nothing concrete was set in canon to make it official, or that it was completely abandoned by the writers for whatever reasons.
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