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April Question Meme: Day Seventeen

Asked by noybusiness:

Out of all your fandoms, who is the one character you will defend to the death for?

Sansa Stark.

Out of all the characters I have seen, Sansa has gotten so much hate from people that it's kind of astounding. And usually the reasoning for hating on her is kind of ridiculous because it's based off of first impressions, and not taking into account what has happened to her throughout the series. They blame her for things that she was naive about, things that she didn't fully understand the consequence of until it was too late. People tend to forget that Sansa was an eleven year old child in the beginning of A Song Of Ice And Fire, and who, like most children, had fairytale dreams and fantasies about life and the world, but too soon was that fantasy shattered when she realized how cruel the world she lived in could be. I also hate it when people try to pit Sansa against her sister, claiming that Arya is better because she's more proactive, which is entirely missing the point of their storylines. They share more similarities than they do differences at this point, because they live in a hostile environment and have seen what happens to people when they cross the line (Sansa in King's Landing; Arya in Harrenhal); they're both survivors, using different methods of surviving, but nevertheless still traumatized little girls having to resort to what they can just to live another day. Just, the amount of victim-blaming people do to Sansa makes me really angry because it's like, how can you legitimately hate on someone who has been abused, tormented, threatened, held hostage for the use of being a political pawn, and just basically not treated like a human being for the means of a family who wants power? I mean, seriously, even if you don't favor her that much there is no need to hate on someone who has undergone so much emotional and psychological trauma at such a young age, ffs. I just get super defensive over her character and makes me want to protect her at all costs.

Also, Sansa is the one character that I believe will surprise everyone in the end. For all the hate she has received, I truly think she will come out on top by the end of the series. So far, she is the best player in the game because after everything she's gone through, she still lives. She is still surviving. Furthermore, she is the one character that has remained compassionate and understanding throughout the series, despite all the horrible things she's had to endure. I mean, how can you not admire something like that? So yes, Sansa will surprise the naysayers by the end.

Honorable mention: Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit is another character that I will defend, simply because I feel like not many people understand his character and his motivations? It's like with Boromir, he's not a bad guy. He's an incredibly flawed character, and that's what makes him fascinating, heartbreaking and tragic.
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