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April Question Meme: Day Nineteen

Asked by giallarhorn:

How do you feel about the differences between GoT and the books?

It's a strange and complicated relationship, I'm not gonna lie.

On one hand I understand that it's an adaptation, which by definition is not going to be exactly like how everyone envisioned the books and of course, being a television series with a small order of episodes each season, it will have limitations than what we get from the pages and our imaginations. And the books are quite large in general, with so much information packed into it that they have to minimize things in order for it to make sense for a television audience. So with that, I've accepted some of the changes and differences because there are certain restrictions that comes with something of this magnitude, especially when factoring in budget and time and all of that. And I'll be honest, there are some changes made in the show that actually do work better than how it's presented in the books. For example, the expansion and development of Shae's character arc was a pleasant surprise, and one that I quite love. However, there are certain things that they could have (and should have) done better, and things they shouldn't have done, and some questionable things that just don't make any sense whatsoever.

Like, they spend too much time with pointless nudity and sexploitation (of women) rather than focusing on the more important plot points of the story, unnecessary rape scenes, they oversimplify certain character arcs while overlooking others, killing off characters that were never killed off in the books, altering characterizations, altering names, drastically changing storylines, casting issues, and all of that. So it gets frustrating and disappointing when you know there's all this potential to tell this story to the best of their ability, but for whatever reason they just don't take it.

At the end of the day, the show is a catalyst for bringing the story to a wider audience in the form of a different medium. And while I watch and enjoy the show for what it is (for the most part), the books are a better source in terms of understanding the characters, the world, and the overall story.
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