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April Question Meme: Day Twenty-One

Asked by wheatear:

A book that you really want to see adapted on-screen and how you would do it.

I've always thought Fearless by Francine Pascal would be fantastic as a television series. Whenever I read the books from that series I always imagined specific scenes on how it would be translated from the text to the screen. I even fancasted a younger Nicki Aycox as Gaia Moore (she kinda resembled the model used on the cover for the first several editions of the series).

I know they tried doing a television series with Rachael Leigh Cook as an adult Gaia in the FBI, but it never got greenlit, and honestly it probably wouldn't have worked given they were focusing on her later life than what happened from the beginning of the book series, which is kind of essential to understanding her character and seeing her grow as the series continued. If it were to be an actual television series now, I would want it to center around her high school years, but for it to be a mixture of Orphan Black, Nikita and the film Hanna. It's really hard to describe how it looks inside my head, but that's one of the things that I know I want it to be. A combination of those elements, to make an intriguing adaptation for one of my favorite book series.
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