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The Battle of the Fangirl Feels

++ I now have a new laptop, because my old one was overheating and causing problems. It lasted a good long while though, and had gone through many of its own issues over that time, so it was time to see it go. Everything from my old hard drive is saved, and I'm just trying to grow accustomed to how new everything is, and hoping everything works with no glitches, before I transfer things over.

++ Peter Jackson has changed the last Hobbit film title from There And Back Again to The Battle of the Five Armies. At first I wasn't sure how to feel about this decision, considering how late in the game it seems to want to rename a title after having it be official for so long. But after thinking about it and digesting it for a bit, I'm actually rather okay with it? It doesn't really change anything about what happens in the film itself, and PJ even mentions that TABA will be given to the entire boxset of The Hobbit trilogy, which makes more sense since it encompasses the entire story (as it's meant to) rather than a singular movie.

In general, I'm just in denial about the actual BOFA, and to have it be the title of the movie means I'll be reminded of everything that inevitably happens and it makes me sad and dreading this December. And I'm not ready for that, not yet. I probably will never be ready for what's to come, honestly. I'll just bask in the first two films and all the fix-its for as long as I possibly can until then, tyvm.

++ Speaking of, I have the LEGO The Hobbit video game and, holy shit guys, this game is absolutely amazing. It's super cute and fun and hilarious. And the little buddy system thing they have in the game is like, whatever you ship, you can literally have them hold hands and frolic about. AND THORIN YOU PERVY LIL SHIT I CANNOT WITH YOU JUST OMG. I love this game, sfm. ♥
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