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Game of Thrones: "Oathkeeper" Episode Review

Game of Thrones 4.04 "Oathkeeper"

Out of the entire episode, there were a few particular scenes that I enjoyed.

First was the opening sequence, which follows up from the ending of the last episode where Dany gives the slaves of Meereen the choice of liberation, and by them gaining their freedom she then takes Meereen as her own. I wish we could have seen more of the slave uprising, but at least we got to see some of it, including Grey Worm and some of the other Unsullied going in as disguised slaves to help provide aid in said uprising.

We also got to see the Targaryen banner! Finally.

Also, I really liked that little moment between Dany and Ser Barristan, you could tell he's having an internal debate about whether he should tell her about her father and the madness that claimed him during his rule. I'm hoping that we get that conversation soon. In fact, if there's one thing I wish for this season to have with her character is having Dany question herself. The show loves putting her badass scenes first, but I wish we could see her vulnerability, her self-doubt and insecurities about what she's doing, because that's part of her character arc and growth, too, especially with her storyline in Meereen she will have loads of questioning about herself and the path she's leading.

Then there's the Jaime scenes which, thankfully, weren't butchered like the previous episode (which we should forget ever happened, tbh.)

Him visiting Tyrion while he's imprisoned waiting for trial, seeing their brotherly bond, is something I quite enjoyed. Just their manner of speaking to each other, how calm and comfortable they are, how there's a little banter and teasing but nothing of the malicious kind. Jaime cares for his brother, as does Tyrion for him as well. I can't wait to see more of their interactions in the future.

And then there's JAIME AND BRIENNE. ♥ Him giving her the mission to find and protect Sansa Stark, him giving her the Valyrian sword and new armor, and her being nearly speechless by everything he was bestowing upon her and trusting her with. And when she named the sword Oathkeeper, their faces! And when Brienne is riding away and looks back at Jaime! (✿ ♥‿♥) EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM IS PERFECT AND I'M SO HAPPY THE SHOW HAS DONE RIGHT BY THEM, TBH.

Some other things:

++ I sort of understand the intention that the show has with adding more to Bran's story, considering that [book spoilers]at this point he's on his way of turning into a tree, and if they get to that point by the end of the season there won't be much for his character to do for the duration of the series (until there's more progression in the next book), though at this point it's sort of like with what they did with Gendry. It doesn't really serve much other than having other things for their character to do. I'm just waiting for Cold Hands to arrive to move them along, tbh.

++ About Margaery: in the books it's not outwardly stated her involvement in the plot to kill Joffrey, though I assumed, based on how Natalie played her character on the show, that she had at least a little understanding of what was going down. So it's kind of strange going from that assumption to seeing her being confused and slightly scandalized by her grandmother basically admitting to her involvement. And the thing with Tommen, well, I'm torn between thinking it's sweet to thinking it's kind of creepy. Just the way it was played towards the end, idk.

++ Littlefinger continues to be a creep, and not even inconspicuously. He's just all in Sansa's personal space, touching her and making creepy statements. Ugh. *shudders*

++ The episode seemed rather inoffensive until the scene at Craster's place. :/

++ I'm here for Missandei/Grey Worm. I know it's not even in the books (because Missandei is, like, nine years old in the books) but dammit, their cuteness and bonding is too much. ♥

++ Jon Snow. ♥ The foreshadowing, though. Oh boy.

++ That ending scene with the White Walkers was fascinating to witness, because it's also not featured in the books. The Others are the one thing that GRRM hasn't really expanded on, they are the mysterious beings that threaten everyone in Westeros that nobody is prepared for. So it was rather nice and creepy to actually see them separately, what they do with these newborns that are "gifted" to them as a sacrifice, seeing their culture, that they even have a culture, and it's just very interesting. I think this is one of the things GRRM has told D&D re: the books, and how the show plans on dealing with it once they catch up. So I'm excited.

Overall: It was a good episode, in my opinion. Not a whole lot happened, but there were some great scenes and interactions that I enjoyed watching. It just makes me want to get on with the trial, Sansa arriving to the Eyrie, Arya and the Hound, how everything in Meereen is going to go, what the hell is going to happen with Bran and Co. now that they've kind of changed their storyline a bit. You know, I want to see some of these things move forward.
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