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Game of Thrones: "First of His Name" Episode Review

Game Of Thrones 4.05 "First Of His Name"

I do wish we had more Dany scenes instead of just less than five minutes, because there is much to dissect with her insecurities about what has been happening with her liberation of slaves, and the backlash it has caused, and her uncertainties of the future. Granted they could be saving that for later episodes, and we do get some of it here, but I guess I just wish there was more to her scenes that them just being very brief little dialogues. I mean, this can be said for many of the characters really, but I feel that Dany always gets the short end at times because either her scenes are too short or they always focus on her stoic nature and never seeing the other side of her questioning what is happening around her and what she's doing and what she's going to do.

For what we got though, I'm glad they're having more of her and Jorah interaction, showing that she does trust him as not just an adviser but also a friend, and speaking privately to him about her concerns and asks for his input. I, of course, would love to see more one-on-one interactions with other characters about these things, like Ser Barristan and even Missandei.

My poor Sansa, going from one horrible situation to the next. It's even worse when you consider that she thinks she's safe for a moment because she's with family, only to realize that she's wrong.

But I'd like to say that Lysa isn't the problem in this situation, she's a tragic and sad character who has her own damage and is, unfortunately, projecting those damages onto those around her. The culprit here is actually Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, who has his own agenda and will destroy and use anyone to get what he wants. He uses Lysa for his own gain. Sansa is trapped in yet another situation where she cannot get out of, because her aunt wants to marry her to her cousin, and Littlefinger wants her for himself. But just as she did in King's Landing, she will find a way of surviving this, and mostly importantly learning. She will adapt to her surroundings, she will learn and use the knowledge she has acquired from her past experiences and apply them. Sansa may not get her happy ending quite yet, as much as we'd like her to be free from all of this political nonsense and people only using her for their own means, but I have hope that she will soon. She has survived this far, after all.

Other things about this episode:

++ Finally, new dresses for Dany and Missandei.

++ At least we no longer have to endure any more scenes from Craster's place, and both Jon and Bran can move on with their respective storylines. At least we got Jon reuniting with Ghost, and how Bran saw Jon, yet Jon never saw him. I think it's sad that these kids are always so close yet missing each other. I hope that at the end of the series they all meet up again.

++ And thus the war between Cersei and Margaery begins. Okay, but in all honesty I really like the subtly of how Cersei is withholding her obvious rage from having no control over what is happening. Her first child has been murdered, her daughter has been shipped away to Dorne, and her youngest is now the new King of the Seven Kingdoms and will probably be married to Margaery Tyrell, with Cersei herself still scheduled to be married to Loras; her father won't share information with her regarding the trial, something she hopes that will sway her way so she can get back at Tyrion, and overall she feels utterly powerless. Her scene with Oberyn was fantastic, since they're both of powerful positions of their societies and yet both have lost children underneath dire circumstances. Say what you will about Cersei, but she does love her children. She has lost two, with Tommen being King she will no doubt lose him as well to others who want to influence him, this includes Margaery. I'm actually hoping the show goes further with explaining her paranoia, and delving deeper into why she is the way she is.

++ Aww, Brienne and Pod. I like how she found respect for him after she realizes he has killed before in a battle, and not just anyone but a Kingsguard. He may be clumsy and awkward and he might not be much of a fighter in combat, but he won't hesitate to defend when he must.


++ I'll be honest, I'm anticipating what's going to happen between Arya and the Hound. As much as I do enjoy their little adventures and bickering at each other, I can't wait for the show to move on with Arya's storyline.

Overall: This was an okay episode. I'm just waiting for them to get on with the trial and dealing with more things, particularly with the Wildings attacking the Wall and Dany dealing with the chaos that will be happening around her. Even though it's asking too much from D&D, less sexual violence of women and more dealing with the actual plot, pls. Considering that they subtly dropped some pretty major plot points in the episode alone, I want to see how the show will develop it as they're getting closer and closer to where the books currently are.
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