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Shows, fandom and stuff.

++ Hannibal has been renewed for a third season. I haven't really talked about this show on here though I have been watching it, and it makes me excited for what will be in store for the future. Agents of Shield has also been renewed, along with picking up Agent Carter. Since I have been paying attention to the fandom reactions throughout its run, I'm waiting until I can marathon the first season of AOS proper.

++ I haven't watched anything past the premiere, though since there's been some concern about certain things happening on Warehouse 13, and I myself have mixed feelings on what I've been hearing as well, so I've decided to wait until the series finishes to see how it ends and whether it'll be worth my time watching or not.

++ The LEGO Hobbit video game has officially ruined my life, in the best possible way. I think I've played it almost every single day since I got it. I'm doing free play now and it's honestly the greatest thing ever.

++ Richard Armitage weighs in on the possibility for Hobbit stand-alone stories. For purely selfish reasons I would absolutely love the idea of there being a prequel to Thorin's story. We do get brief flashbacks in the trilogy, though not enough in my opinion. It would be fascinating to see what life was like in Erebor during its heyday before the attack, what Thorin was like as a young prince, his relationship with his younger siblings, his relationship with his father and grandfather, and seeing the slow decline of Thror underneath the spell of the gold sickness, the politics and relationship between the dwarves of Erebor and the other dwarven kingdoms/other races, perhaps even seeing them during their exile, how Thorin provided for his people, and so forth. I just feel like there's so much that can be told and explored from that alone. I like that Richard mentions that he's written his own biography for Thorin (basically his own fanfiction headcanon for the character) and that he wouldn't be opposed to the idea at all, which isn't surprising considering how much he loves this character and his story. And as someone who has been loving and enjoying these adaptations, I wouldn't be opposed either for more of an extension either, since I'm not ready to give up this world just yet and would love, more than anything, for them to continue on for just a little bit longer.

In actuality though, as much as I would love to see this become a reality, Peter Jackson seems ready to say goodbye to Middle-earth, and unless someone else takes the helm (like Guillermo del Toro, for example) and deals with the legal issues concerning the Tolkien Estate, it unfortunately seems less likely to happen.
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