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Just another day.

++ Things have been kind of busy in the RL department, especially around the house. For the last few weeks we've been having some rooms fixed on and remodeled, getting new/replacing furniture, and having to do a massive cleanup around the house in general, e.g. sorting and getting rid of unnecessary things. Which, I got to say, sometimes it's remarkable how much junk there can be. Not necessarily in a hoarder kind of way, but more of realizing that there's so much stuff laying around that was taken up space. It's been time consuming just trying to organize things. So yeah, that's been kind of taking up my time lately. Also it's been very, very hot here and our Internet connection started acting up for about a week and some, so I apologize for not being around as much due to that.

++ Apparently Syfy is planning on syndicating Spartacus, and I'm kind of laughing at the very thought of how much censoring and editing that will entail. Most of that show is nudity, sex, and language. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic show and I do want anyone who hasn't seen it to get introduced to it, but unless they plan on showing it after hours or whatever it will be incredibly watered down.

++ One of my favorite Internet actress/comedians has written a book which will be released later this year. I've been a fan of hers for some time now, and seeing how far she's come and all that she's accomplished in her self-made career, I'm very proud and happy for her. ♥
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