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You won science!

++ Hello to all new friends made from the We Love Women! multifandom friending meme. *waves*

++ Our air conditioner crapped out on us the other day. Fortunately we're getting it looked it/fixed tomorrow, so it's not the end of the world. Still, sitting in the house right now is like sitting in a humid chamber. Thankfully, we can open all the windows and doors at night to cool everything down.

++ I'm not a fan of award shows, however I'm very satisfied with the wins from the Critic's Choice Awards this year, including Orphan Black and Orange is the New Black. Both of these shows focus on the stories of women. I've recently begun an interest in OITNB and there's a wide range of characters and all of them get a chance to have their stories told, and of course Orphan Black is quite unique in the sense that one actress is playing a variety of different characters, all with different personalities and backgrounds. Essentially, it's nice seeing these shows getting recognition where they wouldn't otherwise have been.

++ With upcoming films, Lucy is one that I am looking forward to watching. The plot looks fascinating, and let's be honest, how can one resist Scarlett Johansson beating people up and generally being awesome? Also Jupiter Ascending looks interesting as well. It sort of resembles those convoluted scifi/fantasy movies that are more entertainment than anything. Although unfortunately it's been pushed back to next year.
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