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Defiance: "The Opposite of Hallelujah" Season Premiere Review

Defiance 2.01 "The Opposite of Hallelujah"

Nine months have passed, and Earth Republic has taken over Defiance completely.

Earth Republic is like the stereotypical villain that annoys the shit out of you with their smug swarminess but you cannot get rid of because they're manipulative little shits who can (and will) overpower you and destroy you in a blink of an eye. Like, the new mayor is infuriatingly smug and skeevy, even the other (still shitty) Earth Republic member basically sees through his facade and calls him out on it, basically laughing in his face. I just want Amanda to play him like a fiddle to overthrow him and get Defiance back to where they once were. But that won't be easy and won't happen that quickly.

Nevertheless, I do like the time jump and seeing how things have developed and where certain characters are since Earth Republic took control of the town. Some characters are doing better than others, but they're all just trying to get by underneath less-than-pleasing circumstances.

I'm fascinated by Stahma Tarr. This isn't news, of course, but I absolutely adored everything about her this episode. She is quite manipulative but does so in a calm manner, but sometimes when she isn't calm it's just as frightening and I'm intrigued by what will be happening with her this season.
STAHMA: Once again the strong Castithan males falter, and I am left to open the airlock door myself! The family business belongs to me.

ALAK: The men will never take orders from a woman.

STAHMA: It's a new world, my son. Who knows what the men may tolerate in time. But for now, you will deliver my orders exactly as I give them. You will not question me.
This scene was brilliant in so many ways. Stahma taking back the household and control of the family business, which is quite daring when you consider that the Castithan culture seems to be misogynistic. Stahma has her eyes on the prize, which is controlling the Tarr family business. She wants to rise on top. I find her determination and her methods quite fascinating in itself because she is taking full advantage of the situation. And Stahma has been like this for a while, since we first saw her; taking control, manipulating situations, planning, scheming. Even before from her story she told Christie (which she alludes to here) she takes control where the men fail. She is a force of nature and shouldn't be underestimated, even by her own family.

What I found interesting was the dynamic between herself and her son, since Alak seems to have assumed the position in which Datak once had, and attempts to becoming the "man of the household" while his father is gone. But he's not as cruel as Datak was, which shouldn't be a bad thing, but Stahma believes that cruelty is key to keeping the business afloat, hence her taking over.

Basically, I'm very intrigued by this storyline and I'm rooting for Stahma, but also afraid for her at the same time. She is trying to change certain aspects of their culture within a new world, which may be needed, but I don't see this ending well unless she manages to get others on her side.

Aside from that, I'm also curious as to what is happening with Irisa, someone else I'm worried about. Since the finale and what happened with her, she is now becoming a weapon for Urzu, who she sees everywhere now, and apparently is doing their bidding, by which means killing. In the final moment of the episode we see her having a vision that she kills Nolan, and she looks horrified by that very notion. It would seem dubious, considering the only reason she "became" anything was because of her love of Nolan and to save him. I'm curious about how she's going to handle that, and even if she has a choice.

Regardless though, I loved their reunion hug. I loved that Nolan killed that creepy Castithan guy who was part of the cult who tortured her when she was younger. I just wish that Irisa could tell him the truth about what happened to her, though. I'm sure she will, in time, especially since Nolan already suspects. Should be interesting when they get back to Defiance to see how everything has changed.

Overall: It was a pretty solid season premiere. It makes me interested with what is going to be happening with these characters, what the future holds, and what other mysteries will happen this season.
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