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Pretty Little Liars: "Surfing the Aftershocks" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 5.03 "Surfing the Aftershocks"

As Alison mourns her mother, the girls return to school trying to get back to normal as much as possible. Hanna reminisces about when Mona approached her after Alison disappeared and made her up to be exactly like Alison; Aria deals with the knowledge that Ezra has returned to town; Emily deals with Paige, and Spencer is attempting to deal with the secrets Melissa and her father are keeping from her.

The Secrets of the Hastings Family

I don't know what's happening, but I am very intrigued.

Whatever secret it is, it's worth noting how paranoid Peter looks whenever Melissa wants to tell someone about it, therefore making whatever it is really huge for him to want to cover it up. The Hastings have quite a history of covering things up, especially Peter. There is a theory that Peter is the one who killed Jessica DiLaurentis, which could be plausible given their history of already having secrets with each other. But could he have been the one to hit Alison on the head initially? Alison did hold onto the knowledge about Jason over both the families, something that both Peter and Jessica wanted to keep quiet. Peter also seems quite adamant about not wanting to get involved with that family for a long time, possibly harboring guilt? Let's not forget the way he approached Alison in this episode.

Of course, I'm wondering what Melissa also knew. She told her father that she knew who killed the unknown girl that was in Alison's grave, something that is unknown to us but shocked Peter quite good, something he doesn't want anyone to know. It makes me think that perhaps it was Jessica who killed someone else in place of her daughter, perhaps out of fear or paranoia or delusions, after discovering that the makeshift grave sight she buried her daughter in was empty.

It could explain his shock, and his secrecy especially if it were to be found out what he could have possibly done to Alison.

Keep in mind this is just my own theory if the Peter situation is, indeed, true.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Spencer was very snarky in this episode, which I love. From her quick quips and confrontations with her sister and father are something I live for, because despite being frustrated with them it brings out the sarcastic side to her.

++ The opening scene was beautifully done. Showing that Alison was in mourning for her mother, and wanted to be left alone for a bit. I definitely think that, while she wanted answers for why her mother buried her and who actually committed the crime, she missed her and didn't want her dead. She just wanted answers. She wanted to know the truth. It's just really sad.

++ I'm interested in Hanna's choice in transforming herself from who Mona made her to become all those years ago. It's true that Mona wanted to become the new Alison and decided to take Hanna along for the ride. Though I'm confused, in a way, because Hanna didn't become a carbon copy of Alison. She became more confident, she became who we know Hanna Marin now. But perhaps recalling the past, and all that's happened since, Hanna is trying to rediscover herself that wasn't made by the one person who has built her up to destroy her. Hanna wants to reinvent herself, to become someone she wants to be.

++ The ending makes me curious. Mona was overseeing Hanna's new makeover, but someone else was there with her. Someone blonde. It wasn't Alison. Cece? Someone else? Someone that Mona has recruited in her little circle? Idk.

++ I'm wondering what Alison was talking about with the missing pages from Ezra's book. She didn't want Aria to know about what he wrote.

Things I didn't like:

++ Paige is a fucking dumbass. Like, what does she think she's going to accomplish? You broke the trust with Emily, you outright admitted that you wanted Alison dead, like you think following her around and trying to say "I love you" is going to fix things? Not even saying, "I'm sorry"? Not even admitting that you were wrong and dumb? Like, the fuck? This is why I really dislike Paige, because she has placed Emily on this pedestal, and she believes that she deserves her because Emily makes her happy. What about what Emily wants? What about Emily's feelings? Something Paige has never really considered at all in this situation. And I'm betting that she will believe Mona's words about Alison being the one to tear them apart and not take any responsibility for her actions in this. Just, ugh, Paige. Go away.

++ Even though Aria needed to talk to someone about what happened with Shanna, someone who wasn't her friends, she didn't need to tell Ezra. She shouldn't have told him and she shouldn't be getting him involved. I don't want to be further involved and I don't want Aria to forgive him. Basically, I want Ezra to just go away forever.

Overall: I am intrigued with what is happening this season. So far there hasn't been any "A" material, but that probably won't last long. But I do like that we're getting more things with characters, the secrecy and lying, and I'm especially interested with what is going on with the Hastings and what Mona is up to. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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