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Pretty Little Liars: "Run, Ali, Run" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 5.06 "Run, Ali, Run"

After the explosion and the reveal that "A" has returned, the girls try to figure out who could be behind everything. Freaked out, Alison doesn't feel safe and wants to run away again, only to find out the hard way that nowhere is safe, inside or outside of town. Hanna is torn with things happening with Caleb and Travis, and her mixed feelings about Alison. Spencer investigates about the now-identified missing girl, while trying to keep herself together about her parents. Emily is searching for the possible identities of those involved in Mona's posse, Aria is helping Ezra, and the detectives are looking deeper into Shanna's death, possibly connecting the dots of their lies to cover up the truth.

The Return of "A"

Everything so far with this "A", they are intentionally threatening Alison, from taunting her with what they did to her mother (as they outright admitted that yes, they killed her) to basically stalking and physically attacking her, making it clear that no matter where she went they would always find her, and they could kill her or make her life living hell. And that they may have been responsible for the house explosion, too, therefore showing how dangerous and unpredictable they can be.

And that? Is utterly terrifying.

It makes the earlier days of just the four girls getting anonymous texts revealing little bits and pieces of their secrets seem like a walk in the park, doesn't it?

Could this be Mona or someone else in her group? It's possible. Each and every one of them have the reason and motive to try and get back at Alison, and Mona made it very clear to Alison her intentions with her being back in Rosewood. But it does make me wonder, even if those who were bullied by Alison wanted to get revenge, could some of them stomach the very notion of hurting or possibly killing another human being? They may have resentment, but surely not all those Mona rounded up seem capable of doing such things like joining in on the "A" team. The only person who I can definitely see doing any of that stuff would be Melissa and that new girl, who we have yet to know more of aside from that fact that she's in cahoots with Jenna and Mona, all who have it out for Alison. Or perhaps it's someone else we haven't met yet.

Could this be the "A" that's been with us the entire time? Only time will tell, and quite honestly while there are others out there moaning the fact that we still haven't got answers to who is behind the main black hoodie, I find all of this fascinating.

The Mystery of Bethany Young

I'm getting the feeling this will lead to some interesting revelations.

Much like the books, Radley is now once again becoming a central focus. Although I know they've attempted to debunk this before, but I still want to go back to the twin concept. With everything that is currently happening, with the bigger connection to this Bethany Young and Radley and Jessica DiLaurentis and to what happened to Alison that night, it's definitely not a coincidence. It actually makes much more sense now than before, when you look at all the clues that's been revealed so far. Of course, this could just be my wishful thinking, but regardless of whether or not that may actually come true I am definitely looking forward to seeing how all of this fits together. Everything looks incredibly fascinating already, so hopefully however it pans out it will be good.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Shit getting even realer than before with "A", who has always been terrifying, but it seems with each time "A" makes a reappearance they seem more dangerous than before. Now with Alison back in town, it makes their job easier to be even more threatening than usual. I mean that attack on her was downright brutal. It's also one of the most worst fears of any woman ever, being attacked by a stranger in their own house. Had Emily not arrived in time, who knows what would have happened.

++ I feel for Spencer, I truly do. It's tough learning that your parents will be separating for good, despite acknowledging all the fucked up stuff that has happened. Even though this will get them out of a toxic family environment for sure, something I've always wanted for her, I don't blame Spencer for wanting her parents to remain together in spite of everything. *hugs Spencer tightly*

++ I was really happy with the conversation between Spencer and Aria re: Ezra, because Spencer is quite dubious about the entire situation in general and calls it out like she sees it. That just because he took a bullet for them doesn't erase what he did.

++ I love all the little mentions of Ravenswood, because what happened there did fundamentally affect Caleb and is part of his character arc in general, and I'm glad that they're still talking about it here and there instead of ignoring it altogether. It was one of my fears that they would do that, so I'm happy that they aren't.

++ The tension between Hanna and Emily was very good. While I dislike it when any of the girls are fighting or have an argument like that, I understood why it had to happen. Hanna isn't in a good place right now, and it's definitely a combination of Alison being back with her feelings concerning Caleb versus Travis, she's quite lost. Her wanting to help Alison run away as a means to get rid of Alison altogether so she could have her life back is understandable, even if wrong for her to do. This is something that she needs to work out, either by herself or by confronting Alison about her feelings.

++ "The cops in this town should drive clown cars." Thank you Caleb, the best quote of the entire episode. Because it's true.

++ I am liking the detectives are moving in with all the dots not really adding up. It will no doubt become troublesome for the girls to keep their stories straight without revealing anything that could put anyone in jeopardy, and keep things interesting with how they'll manage on doing that.

Things I didn't like:

++ While I'm glad that Aria basically trying to admit that their night together was a mistake and that there's acknowledgment about everything he did, I disliked that Ezra immediately tried to go, "it felt right, didn't it?" Perhaps it was the take they used, but it didn't seem like a sincere question but rather a declaration. I just found that rather skeevy, and it wasn't really intended to be a skeevy moment (then again, most of his moments to me are rather skeevy involving Aria, especially now).

++ I'm sort of loling at the fact that Radley has security cameras now. Where were they when Mona was going in and out at her leisure during her stay?

Overall: I really liked this episode. I can't wait until more is found out about Bethany and how everything connects, and what "A" and/or Mona is planning next for Alison and the girls.
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