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Pretty Little Liars: "The Silence of E. Lamb" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 5.07 "The Silence of E. Lamb"

Aria tries to get more information about the drawing from Bethany while volunteering at Radley, Spencer attempts to talk with her sister, Emily is conflicted with her feelings regarding Alison and what their current situation is, while Hanna remains destructive in her behavior due to her feelings on Alison. Meanwhile, it seems that Alison's story is being questioned even by the Rosewood police, which leads "A" to be incredibly cocky when revealing who was slippery enough to reveal some tidbits from that night they're all trying to conceal.

Things Get Complicated

One of the things I appreciate is how they're not making things simple and easy for any of the girls, especially with their relationship with Alison.

Out of all of them, Hanna and Emily are the ones having mixed feelings about how they feel regarding that relationship. This all traces back to how Alison treated them all those years ago. In the middle of all this "A" situation, there's this strong and complicated emotion still attached, and it doesn't make it any easier when there's more lies being told. Emily definitely had feelings for Alison long time ago, and still has lingering feelings now, but she's definitely on the fence on where their relationship will be going since everything that has changed. She's still sorting all of those emotions out. Hanna, on the other hand, doesn't want to be around Alison because she remembers what it was like all those years ago, and thinks that now she's back it will return to how it used to be. She's desperately trying to distance herself from who she once was, even if it means cutting ties with Alison altogether, but that has complications in itself since they're all in this "A" business together.

With Alison, she has both intentionally and unintentionally made things more complicated for herself and the rest of the girls. Her story to the police was out of fear, instigated by Mona, but it's unfortunately catching up to them that this story isn't all that believable.

Her conversation with Hanna regarding Caleb, that's also complicated as well. The way I saw the scene, Alison believes she's trying to do the right thing and looking out for Hanna, as she's been in situations concerning shady boys. Hanna, with her already mixed feelings, saw this as something of the Old Alison, commanding her to not see the boyfriend she's had for a long, long time. She thought this was Alison not looking out for her, but attempting to control her life again, something that Hanna has spent a long time trying to get over since her disappearance. I don't blame her for feeling that way, either.

I'm still in the opinion that Alison has changed and wants to continue changing for the better, especially after everything that has happened and is continuing to happen, and she has admitted that she's treated people badly, including her own friends and wants to make things better. But she really needs to step up to the plate to further prove that. Her lying and attempting to control situations, even when she doesn't mean to, in order to protect herself has become so second nature to her at this point that she needs someone to press a pause button. She's not going to be helping herself if she continues down this road of not even allowing her own friends to feel like they're part of things. If Hanna is willing to sacrifice her friendships to sever ties with her, what's going to stop the other girls if they discover Alison is still keeping them in the dark?

There is, of course, more to the story than we know, to which I'm hoping we get to reveal more about that. There's still so much mystery, with Alison and everything else, and it's really intriguing.

And again, it's all quite fascinating because of these complications and complexities. You don't know whose side you'll be on, and it makes you question the legitimacy of certain stories characters are spinning, and whether we should be concerned about their possible ulterior motives.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Loving the edgier look for Hanna, even if she's going through a spiral down complicated lane. She really wants to distance herself and is picking the darker version to do it.

++ The confrontation between Alison and Caleb was interesting. In truth, I didn't think what Caleb said to Alison was that horrible, he was simply speaking freely about what he thinks about her presence, especially since it concerned Hanna, even though he never stated outright those concerns. He was subtle yet to the point with how he felt about her being back. I can understand Alison being upset over being scrutinized by a stranger, which is probably why she felt the need to tell Hanna this, but at the same time she doesn't know him, and he doesn't know the entire story on her. So I'm interested to see if there will be more of them in the future.

++ I'm so intrigued by what is happening involving Radley and what happened with Bethany. Like, this is a mystery that I feel will put a lot of the missing pieces of the puzzle that has been scattered around the show for quite some time now.

++ Melissa continues to confuse me, but in an interesting way. I know she was sending mixed messages to Spencer. That comment about everything being connected to "love" wasn't just a coincidence, in my opinion. She was saying something without actually saying it, whether she did it intentionally or not. Like Mona, she is shrouded with so much mystery that you can't really tell what her agenda actually is.

++ I'm wondering what happened to Lamb. My guesses are: he was threatened based on what he knew and who he was in contact with and disappeared out of fear or blackmail, or he ended up dead because of it.

++ I'm pleasantly surprised by Emily's mom. Remember when she couldn't stand the thought of her daughter having romantic feelings for a girl? She's come a long way, and I'm happy for that progression. I'm also impressed by her wanting to see how Alison's story panned out, and it's interesting how she definitely planned that dinner wanting to see for herself if that story still held strong and true or if it faltered. Alison was suspicious from the start, but we know it wasn't for any malicious reasoning. It's interesting how she told Emily that she doesn't have to continue rescuing Alison out of everything. Granted that is true, especially now since they've kind of been forced to lie, but as we all know this is bigger than they ever imagined they're kind of all in this together and they won't leave each other behind. It will be so intriguing seeing how this all progresses.

Things I didn't like about the episode:

++ The new girl. I mean, I don't necessarily dislike her so much as I feel like she's become the replacement Shanna. She's just someone else's pawn connected with Jenna and Mona, until we learn more about her and why she's there, that is.

++ We get it Ezra, you have a sob family story. Still doesn't change the fact that you're a massive creep.

Overall: I really liked it, everything is getting complicated in the emotions area, for both the characters and the audience as we're trying to sort out how we should be feeling about particular situations. There's definitely more going on and I can't wait to unravel it all, from what Alison has been up to, to Spencer's family, how it all connects to Radley and "A" and everything.
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