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Some SDCC stuffs...

++ There was The Hobbit panel, which not only was hosted by Stephen Colbert in his Laketown costume, but also showed bloopers for both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films and they actually did show the trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. It just hasn't been released online for the rest of us, yet, and probably won't be until later this week or next week. That's the privilege of going to SDCC, I guess, and judging from the descriptions of the trailer itself from various sources, I'm both anticipating and dreading it because it will bring all the emotions. Also, I'm sad that Richard wasn't able to attend this year. He's busy performing in The Crucible, so it's understandable, especially given how physically and emotionally exhausted he must be after each show he does nearly every day of the week. But still, being that they didn't attend last year due to pick-ups overlapping, this will be the last Hobbit/Middle-earth panel at Comic-Con, so it's kind of sad that he didn't attend with the rest of the cast.

++ Some underwhelming news that amongst the new casting (and re-casting) for the new season of Game of Thrones, yet another important character isn't featured and is rumored to have been cut entirely from the show. I was looking forward to seeing Arianne Martell, but honestly I shouldn't be surprised at this point that they've done this. It's just disappointing that the show has this habit of not just killing characters that don't die in the books, but also cutting out characters who may play an important part of the story and plot later on, among the many other problems with altering the story. GRRM actually mentions this during the panel, throwing some marvelous shade at D&D/HBO. I'm wondering if his decision to not write an episode next season is partly because he wants to distance himself from the show. I wouldn't blame him if that were the case.

++ First look at Wonder Woman for Batman vs. Superman. Honestly, my ideal Wonder Woman is between Gina Torres, Bridget Regan, and Morena Baccarin, and I wish she'd actually have her own damn movie already, but the outfit? I dig.

++ I haven't seen one yet, but I'm hoping someone out there has a video of the entire Women Who Kick Ass panel and not have it be nonexistent like last year. I like hearing what these women have to say, especially when it consists of calling out some of the double standards and sexism within the industry, and hearing their stories of the struggle they deal with on a daily basis. And the lineup this year looked great, although I wished Sophie Turner would have joined in too. Sansa Stark might not wield a sword, but dammit she deserves to be recognized as a badass as well.
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