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More SDCC and fabulous women.

Since I mentioned this previously, here are the women-centric panels from SDCC:

A Conversation with Badass Women @ Nerd HQ

Women Who Kick Ass Panel

Both of them feature fantastic ladies, all which have amazing things to say, and both are worth watching. I know that the Women Who Kick Ass panel happens almost every year at SDCC, although last year it wasn't filmed and only a few clips managed to get online, but I think Nerd HQ should have theirs be annual as well. I like hearing the answers to questions and comments the guests give regarding their personal experiences in the industry, and I think with more panels like these we can shed light to these particular issues that otherwise wouldn't be addressed elsewhere.

Also, along the same lines, I want to recommend everyone to watch Evangeline Lilly's Nerd HQ panel because she is absolutely charming. Not only does she go into certain things, including the tropes of strong female characters and why she played Tauriel the way she did in The Hobbit films, but she's incredibly eloquent and intelligent and I have a new found respect for her as a person and with the work she does, both with her acting and her writing. I highly encourage people to watch her speak, because she is quite articulate and funny and just, yeah. All these panels really have really given me a better appreciation for all these wonderful women, and I think it's important to allow such discussion and conversation to occur and I'm happy that there's at least a space for them to have that.

And of course, I have to mention the Joss Whedon (or rather, Nathan Fillion With Friends) and the Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton Nerd HQ panels. I don't think Comic Con would be the same without having at least a few of these people featured, tbh. ♥
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