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Pretty Little Liars: "No One Here Can Love Or Understand Me" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 5.11 "No One Here Can Love Or Understand Me"

Hanna continues to worry about Caleb and his drinking habits and confronts him about what has happened to him, Spencer receives Melissa's message which contains the startling truth, the girls are approached by the detective who seems to allude that they may be connected to Bethany Young's death, and Emily becomes more suspicious about Alison after their last encounter.

"A" Is For Alison?

Emily is practically admitting that she thinks that Alison is "A", which by the theory pattern of this show means that she's definitely not. But I understand why she would jump to that immediate conclusion.

She is hurt. She believed Alison and defended her against those who didn't for the longest time, and she felt personally betrayed by Alison. In a way she is right, she was defending a version of Alison that she thought she knew, her feelings for her friend were too strong, still too fresh in her mind especially after seeing her alive after thinking she had been dead this entire time. That's not something one can get over quickly. She wanted to believe that Alison was done telling lies and stories, that Alison would be with them now instead of scheming on her own. But she was letdown, and she's taking it hard.

She's not wrong in her feelings, because even though Alison may have things planned out in her head she needs to communicate with the girls instead of expecting them to rely on her when she's not given them any reason to. To suspect Alison of having ulterior motives isn't an implausible thing. But thinking that she's "A" or wanting to sabotage them all is.

There's a theory pattern on this show: whenever the girls suspect someone of being "A" due to sketchy behavior then the chances of them of actually being "A" are zero.

Their next confrontation will be interesting, to say the least.

"Fatal Finale" Speculations

Considering that Marlene King is milking the hell out of what the summer finale will hold, being a murder and an arrest made, it's time to weigh in on my own thoughts on the matter.

Knowing the track record of things, someone will end up dead, but it might not be who we think even in the episode. Remember, the producers are known for being lying liars who lie constantly even through interviews and "clues" they give, so I'm taking what they're saying with a grain of salt.

The person I think who ends up dead in the summer finale will be Mona, but with a twist.

Taking a look at what has occurred with Mona over the course of these last episodes, I think she will end up staging her own death. In the episode where she fainted someone pointed out there was a bandage near the inside of her elbow, which might suggest that she could be draining blood from herself. In this episode we not only have Mona having a heartfelt discussion with Aria about wanting only to feel loved and to be protected, but also with her warning Aria that once Alison is through with her she'll come after the other girls too. It sets up the perfect way of framing Alison and getting the girls to fully distrust Alison, if they aren't already. Mona had already threatened Alison before, setting her up with texts and taking that video (and altering it). Imagine if Alison might be the one to get arrested, framed for Mona's murder due to bad blood between them, with evidence not just with their confrontation but also about her kidnapping story not being the truth, and the girls just standing by doing nothing because they think this might be the only way things might get resolved?

Or possibly the person to get arrested might be Melissa for coming clean about what happened with Bethany Young. She didn't attack her, but she did bury her alive and somehow "A" got a hold of the video, sent it to the detectives, and Melissa goes to jail.

We'll see what happens in the summer finale.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Finally getting some answers about what secret Melissa was keeping. Her video confession as a final goodbye to her sister was really bittersweet, and it provided some insight as to the events that happened that particular night. There's still a lot more we don't know, but this is a start.

++ Hanna asking Spencer for help regarding Caleb, and Spencer turning to Toby for that help since he and Caleb were bros. I just really love that whole dynamic, and I like how Toby tried to help. ♥

++ I've said this before, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they're dealing with what Caleb had dealt with when he was in Ravenswood. I love that it's become a central part of his character development when he returned, and that they aren't just dismissing it altogether (like some people had thought/hoped they would because they unfortunately didn't like the spinoff). I loved that Hanna is his rock and is helping him. I loved that he's able to talk to her about what happened than the others, since she did visit Ravenswood and, even if she doesn't believe, she believes that he believes and understands what he went through had changed him fundamentally. It just makes me happy that they've dealt with this and keeping part of his character. He isn't the same person he was when he left, but none of them are the same. They've all dealt with pretty heavy stuff and it's about moving forward. And yeah, I liked that they had the Ouija board there kind of signifying that whatever he brought back with him and how he has to try to let it go. (Although if that ending is ominous in signifying that he's the one to bite it in the summer finale, then the show can fuck off.)

++ In a way, I liked that the show was making fun of itself during that conversation with the girls about answers revealing itself. Because that is, essentially, the entire show in a nutshell. The mysteries and suspense are great, but things are only revealed when they want to be revealed and when they are it only has more unanswered questions and it drives you insane.

++ I did like the little moment between Aria and Mona, although it's quite interesting how Aria can immediately go on into protective mode for Mona (someone who had tormented/tried to kill them) when she didn't even believe Hanna (her bestest best friend) when she said she had been sexually harassed. Hmmmm.

Things I didn't like:

++ "I had a genuine relationship with Paige." lol, oh Emily.

++ You know, I've watched a lot of detective and crime shows, and I know detectives try to either be discreet while being nosy at the same time, sometimes when push comes to shove intentionally trying to be intimidating to the suspect. But there is something about the way this detective is operating that is...not exactly textbook? Especially in terms of teenage girls. Of course this is exactly what they did with Ezra by making everything he did seem "ominous". So, idk. Police and detectives in Rosewood just aren't that competent.

Overall: I thought it was a very good episode. Suspicions and confessions, attempts at moving forwards, and preparing for the summer finale. I have no idea what will be happening, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.
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