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VMars: "Driver Ed" Episode Review

Season Two Premiere Recap: After all the events of the season one finale, Aaron Echolls is now officially in jail for the murder of Lilly Kane, Keith Mars has cleared his name in Neptune (for the most part), Logan Echolls was at the door and was beaten to death and purposefully blamed from the killing of Felix one of Weevil's cronies, but was bailed of out it (however is still to blame by the lower community). Logan and Veronica were still officially dating over half of the summer until Veronica broke up with him because of the violent "duties" he and his pals (Dick and Beaver) were doing. Now, Veronica is back with her old high school sweetheart Duncan Kane. She is no longer working for her dad as a private investigator. Instead, she wants to get back to her normal life, or as normal as it can be considering the aftermath of all that's happened. But now, Neptune has been divided into a war between the haves and the have-nots. As concluded with the premiere episode, the school bus Veronica had been saved from getting back on had swerved and ran off the road. Mercilessly killing mostly all that were inside. The mystery now continues.....

The Bus Mystery: Whodunit?

The storyline of the mystery incident and the perp behind it seemed more well-structured than the failed drug-testing thing during the season premiere, which was practically a weak-storyline to give Veronica something to do half of the episode. I still have no idea how everything resolved itself from that one. But, anyway, back to the point.

Everyone suspects that the driver, named incidentally Ed, purposefully committed suicide which could possibly become a suicide-murder. The daughter of the bus driver is furious with this accusation and goes to our lovely Veronica Mars for investigating help to clear his name. Now, from observing her attitude towards Veronica in the beginning of the episode, there's real animosity with this girl. I felt like I wanted to smack her. Then again, Veronica didn't even know this girl's name before the accusations began. So perhaps this is why her bitterness was showing.

Obviously, Veronica is still shakened up by the accident and that it could've been her that had gotten fatally injured or wound up dead like the several of her classmates. Meg is thankfully alive, though in an unconscious state, and I'm wondering if she'll have an epiphany once she recovers. I still think Meg was a complete bitch to her before the accident. However, if it weren't for her lying to the bus driver that everyone was on the bus (when she saw Veronica chatting with Weevil outside), Veronica would've gone down in the accident. So, technically, it was both Meg and Lilly that had saved her life that day.

Oh, and the Holy Non-Survivors of the Tragic Incident of Netpune Soveniers, Batman! -- this definitely shows that Neptune is prone to make anything look like a cheap sellout advertisement, including the deaths of their fellow beloved classmates. It's not surprising, though. It is Neptune, after all. Although I liked the clerk Veronica talked to (OMG, Kevin Smith!). Though having overly-obsessed customers wanting to last meal before bus driver Ed died is slightly unnerving. But again, it's Neptune. Actually, I liked that the girl Veronica was helping mentioned that if someone had died they would've liked the biggest mourning flowerbed right where they graves were. Because in the cold reality that is of that town, it is true.

Although the mystery about the accident wasn't revealed, we do know that the bus driver wasn't intoxicated or suicidal -- he was having an affair with another woman and was planning on leaving his wife for her. I thought that was an interesting twist.

Relationships, Secret Affairs, and Fandom Go Boom!

Taken directly from wisdomeagle's own mouth, the entire VMars fandom is booming into explosions because of the Duncan/Veronica and the Logan/Kendall relationships. And after this episode, not only will there be explosions but there'll be nucular bombs and A-Bombs everywhere.

To cut everything short, Veronica and Duncan make sweet, sweet love (with Duncan romantically carrying her to the bed. Aww!), and the Logan/Kendall secret affair hotness just keeps getting better and better. Charisma adds the fiery bitchy attitude that would've knocked Cordelia off her feet if the two ever encountered. Keith and Alicia are still dating although we haven't seen her appear just yet. Beaver finds a condom. Veronica and Logan awkwardly spot each other in the Neptune Grand, in which Veronica does her super spy telephone skills to find out who he was with, and all that jazz.

I'm actually wondering where Jake and Celeste Kane are, because I am curious as to their reactions for Veronica and Duncan dating once again. Especially Celeste. Mommie Sneerest did everything in her power to stop their relationship the first time, who's to say she won't do it again.

But, fandom goes boom! *grabs popcorn to watch the bitchslapping and wankage*

Wallace the BFF, P.I.

Yay for Wallace dealing with the new girl's problem Mars Style! Veronica has taught him well, she has. Although I am slightly annoyed by this new girl -- she seems spoiled with too much attitude, and will never last a minute in Neptune High if she keeps on wanting to start a fight every three minutes. That might cause her to have a nasty reputation. But, then again, perhaps that's a good thing for she seems to be holding her own. Just lose the high-and-mighty attitude and I think she will be all right.

I want my own BFF Wallace. Can I have my own Wallace, please? Everyone needs a Wallace! *hee!*

Daddy Mars Is Back In Business!

Keith has accepted the offer of running for sheriff once again! Although I liked him as the snarky and sly investigator as he was, this will get their reputation stored back in their family name. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Seeing how this entire election plans out.

Oh, and Veronica being paranoid that her dad can see/sense/smell that she's had sex. Priceless moment. Keith/Veronica OTP, theirloveissoincestuouslyinappropriateOMG

Special Guest-Star of the Week: Kevin Smith (a.k.a. Silent Bob)! I guess after swooning his fanboyish love for the series definitely won Rob Thomas' approval, and thus having him guest-star in the show. Hey, it works! Joss Whedon is going to guest-star in the sixth episode, so everyone watch out! :D

Overall: I quite enjoyed this episode. I loved how Veronica still knows what to do when people are asking for her help even though her private investigating has come to a hault in this point in her life. Which, honestly, I still cannot fathom why. I really hope Rob Thomas has her returning to that scene, especially if something happens to someone she loves and cares about. She'll definitely return. Most definitely.
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