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Today we will dance across the backs of dead Greeks.

++ Hello and welcome to everyone from the recent friending meme that had been going around. *waves* There's been an influx of friending memes on LJ lately, and I'm glad for that. This site probably won't return to the level of activity it used to be during its heyday, at least many are attempting at it, so the more the merrier.

++ The alternate ending for How I Met Your Mother has been released, also known as the one and only true ending the show should have had.

I know series finales in general can be a hit or miss for people depending on how they're executed, and you cannot please everybody, but I have never seen a series finale so universally hated as what was originally aired for HIMYM. I will never understand the reasoning for choosing the ending they decided to show, and why it was so hard for them to basically see that this ending was the one people were wanting, one that made sense given what they were leading up to. It actually feels like a proper bookend to the show. I was never invested with the series, had only sporadically watched episodes throughout the years, but it makes me really angry that they wasted all that time for a crappy finale when they could have had this, which unfortunately even though we have it now seems "too little, too late."

++ Over the course of the week I watched some movies I hadn't seen before. First was Doom, which I ended up liking. It was entertaining and reminded me a bit of Resident Evil, and not just for the fact that they're based off video games. Next was one that had recently come out but I didn't go see in theaters: 300: Rise of an Empire, which Eva Green was practically the main star of the whole thing and stole the spotlight, let's be honest here. She was magnificent. I just wished there had more Lena Headey. Though I actually hadn't seen the first 300, so that may be next on the list.
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