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Time for some productivity.

++ There's yet another fandom friending meme that's been circulating about, so for all those added from there, hello and welcome. *waves*

++ You know that monthly question meme that had been going around, where you ask your friendslist to ask you questions for every day of a particular month? I did it before and it was fun, so I thought about doing it again for October, being that is the month of my birthday and also because of all the new people I've recently added. It would be a great time to have a new round of questions you want to ask in order to get to know me just a little better, from my fannish interests to just me as a person.

October 1 - What is the favourite gift you recieved as a child? (verdande_mi)
October 2 - what movie has had the most impact on you? (1lastdanceluv)
October 3 - Who was your first celebrity crush? (sixphanel)
October 4 - favourite day of the year & why? (1lastdanceluv)
October 5 - What is your favorite piece of art? Why? (icecoldrain)
October 6 - What sorts of fandoms/characters do you wish existed or wish there were more of and why? (philstar22)
October 7 - do you have any scars? What's the story behind them? (orangerful)
October 8 - What is your profession and do you like it? Is it what you always wanted to be? If not, how did you come to it? (sakuraberries)
October 9 - What is your favorite food? (stellicidio)
October 10 - How did you get into fandom? (dhampyresa)
October 11 - What's one tv show you've wanted to watch for ages but haven't gotten around to? (sakuraberries)
October 12 - please talk to me about John/Cameron (TSCC) (redbrunja)
October 13 - What is your favorite thing about where you live? Your least favorite? (hiddleasaurus)
October 14 - What is your favourite animal and why? (monkiainen)
October 15 - What was your college experience like? (sakuraberries)
October 16 - Do you consider yourself a feminist? How does this affect how you relate to fandom? (wheatear)
October 17 - what is your favorite video game that you've played so far/what the game you most want to play? (giallarhorn)
October 18 - What is one country you would love to visit? (airandarkness)
October 19 - What are your top 5 television shows and why? (sakuraberries)
October 20 - What are your hobbies? (icecoldrain)
October 21 - Top 5 movies? (icequeen3101)
October 22 - What characters do you relate to most? Which ones do you wish you were more like? (philstar22) // What are your top 5 male and top 5 female characters of all time and why? (sakuraberries)
October 23
October 24 -
What is your guilty fandom pleasure? (wheatear)
October 25 - Which fantasy world/universe do you wish were real? (verdande_mi)
October 26 - What is your favorite month and why? (airandarkness)
October 27 - Do you believe that health care is a privilege or a right? (wheatear)
October 28 - How many tattoos do you have? If you don't have any, have you ever thought of getting one? (lynnylou)
October 29 - What's one thing you always wanted to study (whether it's a broad topic or a specific class) that you never had the chance to in school, and do you think you'll pursue it on your own at any point? (sakuraberries)
October 30 - Which book has left the biggest impression on you? (stellicidio)
October 31 - What is your favorite thing about Halloween? How do you normally celebrate it? (hiddleasaurus)

The usual rules apply, pick any day (or days) of the month of October and ask me anything you want to. You can ask as many as you'd like, and even if all the spaces are filled I am not opposed to multiple questions on the same day.
Tags: meme, rl on the dl
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