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October Question Meme: Day Six

Asked by philstar22:

What sorts of fandoms/characters do you wish existed or wish there were more of and why?

This should be a given, but I wish there was more diversity, especially in fantasy and science fiction. It's disappointing knowing that there's all this imagination in creating a made-up world, only to be so restrictive in representation. Like, I love you Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but it isn't beyond plausibility to have Asian hobbits or more women warriors. This also implies to other genres, too. The fact that there's this fear of having proper representation of women, of minorities, of presenting sexuality that isn't in some perfect little label box or ignored, is astounding to me. I mean we're slowly getting there bit by bit and the small victories we get should be celebrated, but we should already be there by now.
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