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How To Get Away With Murder

I've only just seen the pilot, so please no spoilers beyond that point, but How To Get Away With Murder might be my favorite new series of this year.

Everything about this show is intriguing to me, specifically how it shows us the side of the defense attorneys as opposed to what we usually see in crime dramas and procedures, a la Law & Order. It's something I've always wondered about, actually, how criminal defense lawyers are able to do their jobs, and sleep at night, knowing that their clients may have done something morally questionable or be guilty of rather serious and heinous crimes. And this show gives us just that, and then some. Gray morality is everywhere on this show, from Annalise Keating and her cases to her students, seeing them pursue relentlessly to succeed and win to questioning the questionable things they encounter, it's quite fascinating to watch, and I'm completely captivated. Alongside with how there's this ongoing mystery plot happening that seems to be intertwined with so many things happening that we have yet to even scratch the surface of, I'm just itching to find out how everything is going to unravel.

Never mind that, on an aesthetic level, this show is just so pretty. From the cinematography to the diverse ensemble cast, which I like very, very much. Combine that with how there's going to be plenty of gay sex and romances on the show, I'm just all in.
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