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October Question Meme: Day Twelve

Asked by redbrunja:

Please talk to me about John/Cameron (TSCC)

Everything about John/Cameron fills me with so many feelings, including great and utter HEARTACHE. Just their entire relationship, it leaves me both happy and sad, and it's such a tragic love story in my honest opinion.

Like, I have no doubt that Cameron loved John. And whether this was a result of Future!John reprogramming her that way or was based on what they went through during their time together, doesn't really matter because Cameron was quite loyal and devoted to him. As for John himself, I definitely think he grew to love Cameron with that time he spent with her as well, so much that he actually felt she was the only person who he probably trusted with vital information in the future, if we're to base on what others had said about him is correct. There's much to say about that, with his life in the future being really lonely and why Cameron was the only one he could trust, but that's for another time to examine. He and Cameron bonded, grew closer, and he knew that he wouldn't get to that place if he didn't have a bond with a machine when he was younger, to fully understand that he needed that sort of alliance if they were to win this war. So that's why he sent Cameron back in time, and why Cameron would do whatever it took to succeed. Because she loved him.

Which is why, watching the first season, when John is questioning Cameron about why she didn't tell him things, why she hid certain things from him, is because she knew this is what the Future!John would have wanted. She is preparing him to become the man he would be in the future. She wanted to gain that level of trust with him questioning her, of him seeing and understanding that yes, she is a machine. But she is a machine that he could trust, that he needed to trust. She said this many times throughout the show, about Future!John and how John isn't him yet, but will be. And I think with that time they spent together, much like in the future, led to this special bond to grow more and more and John began to understand, care and love Cameron. He didn't see her as just a machine, but as someone he needed to trust, and just someone he plain needed in his life in general.

Seeing that slow build in the series is just so wonderful and beautiful, and also heartbreaking. Their scenes together are always so great, but what makes some of them powerful is the meaning behind them. Cameron's declaration of love in the S2 opener, when she recognizes that she might be a danger to John and that she would rather die instead of hurt him so she gives him a device so he could destroy her should the time ever come, when John defends his trust of Cameron on multiple occasions, their intimate scenes (that scene in "Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today" and in the finale), to when he's openly distressed that John Henry took Cameron's chip, which is the ultimate scene for me because he would rather risk going into the future to get her chip back, never mind that Cameron probably knew what was happening was inevitable and hence her message to him ("I'm sorry, John") could have a whole load of meanings. Sorry for leaving him, sorry for possibly betraying him, sorry for failing her mission.

JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT JOHN/CAMERON GIVES ME LIFE AND BRINGS ME PAIN, OKAY. They are so beautifully tragic, and I wanted to know so much more about them, specifically about Future!John and his relationship with Cameron, but also curious about how, had that finale not happened, what would have become of John and Cameron afterwards unless it was inevitable from the start. SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS, SO MUCH WE NEEDED TO KNOW, I AM GOING TO COMBUST WITH ALL THE FEELS I HAVE FOR THEM I JUST WANT SO MUCH MORREEEEE. JOHN/CAMERON, MY BBYS! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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