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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Spiderwoman!River Shiny: Wonder why Serenity made No. 1 in the box office in the United Kingdom? Better advertisement for the film. This gigantic poster is plastered on the ceiling of the London subways. Can you say incredible Browncoat dedication? I surely can, and that's just an amazing picture too! But nothing beats the OMG Boobie!River UK poster found in the underground walls! *me wants one of both on HER ceiling*

+ Majorly Creepifying Shiny: Supernatural is officially my other newest obsession, courtesy of my loffly sister who'd starting watching it (even though she despises anything scary and avoids it like the freaking plague -- but still loves this show). It's intensely suspenseful and tonight's episode was chilling. Love it, love it.

+ Marshmallow!Mars Shiny!: Veronica Mars Season One is now available to order and buy on DVD! Shiny beyond all shiny! *is SO getting it, oh yes*

+++ Extra Uber Shiny: Midterms are almost over! I have a good feeling about those that I've already taken (and I really hope I'm not jinxing my luck for being so confident in this). For that one that I'm still working on -- since it's an ongoing two-day midterm (four hours total) -- slightly stressed that I might mess up, however confidence I still have! Yay! It might not be so shiny if I fail in being so hopeful if something doesn't come out as I'd wished it would. But hey, at least I'm attempting and putting all my effort and knowledge I have acquired from class lectures. That's shinier than anything. At least, I hope it is!
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