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October Question Meme: Day Sixteen

Asked by wheatear:

Do you consider yourself a feminist? How does this affect how you relate to fandom?

Yes, I consider myself a feminist. I have always understood the basic concept about women's rights growing up, I just didn't realize just how vast the movement was, especially with intersectional feminism, until these recent years of being a young adult.

Going with that, in these recent years I'm definitely seeing things with a different perspective and a more critical eye than I originally did when it comes to fandom. For example, the common mistreatment of women characters and the tropes that follow in the writing, even the mishandling of the women behind the scenes as well. And it's not a bad thing to become aware of these things, because it is important to point out the faults and flaws in something and how it can be changed. There has to be acknowledgement of these issues in order for there to be improvement. Unfortunately there is a downside, because the more you become aware of these particular issues the more exhausting it can be dealing with certain things happening in fandom and in the media and society overall, from the endless arguments and debates that keep going around in circles. Again, it's not a bad thing because some good does come out from out, thankfully, but it also becomes apparent that there's still a lot more work to be done with educating people on these particular topics instead of the misinformation being spread from ignorance. Does that make sense?

Keep in mind that I'm no expert on the subject, I'm still educating myself as I go along. I just know that the fandom space, while it has its negatives, it also has its positives too, and the latter is where most of these discussions come from and that I've been exposed to in these last several years of being part of the online community and I'm grateful of that.
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