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October Question Meme: Day Thirty-One

Asked by hiddleasaurus:

What is your favorite thing about Halloween? How do you normally celebrate it?

I really love the atmosphere, that immediately as soon as October begins everyone gets into the spirit of Halloween. I love walking through stores and seeing their awesome displays, looking at all the different candies and treats that are available, the different kinds of costume ideas people come up with, seeing houses all decked out with decorations and seeing which ones are the creepiest or most elaborate, the entire horror genre being celebrated, and just the very notion that this is the one holiday where there is no other obligation to anything. Like, you don't have to see extended members of your family, you don't have to buy gifts, you don't even have to give out candy, you can just celebrate however you want and that's the beauty of Halloween.

With that being said, growing up we never really celebrated Halloween all that much. We trick-or-treated a few times, but otherwise it wasn't something that we actively participated in. In these recent years the only tradition we have is staying at home and watching Halloween-themed movies, or for me, watching anything creepy and scary from the beginning of the month. But I do want to have that full Halloween experience, complete with dressing up elaborately, going to parties or going to haunted houses, etc. One day, I keep telling myself.

And with that, I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween!
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