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How is it November already? Where did this year go?

++ Tumblr made a massive layout update change that none are too happy about, and with good reason. Essentially, it was a decision for a new business revenue to make money off of becoming a video-based platform by means of becoming a YouTube competitor, which they then said that "there was no reason not to" do this, despite fucking everything up for their users including expanding the dashboard thus ruining the quality of graphics and gifs (blurrier and pixelated, even on individual blogs), and adding higher dimensions that the site cannot support. Why they did this without beta-testing first, let alone thinking that this was a good idea to begin with rather than fixing the other issues the site already had prior, is beyond me. And so far there hasn't been any further acknowledgments or announcements of these issues from the staff (and I don't think there ever will be). However there is an upside as others, thankfully, have come up with loophole solutions to return back to the old dimensions.

If you use Tumblr, please install this using the Stylish extension to restore the width of your dashboard, and this or this to fix your own and other people's blogs. I also know the Xkit guy is trying to fix things for Xkit extension users as well, it will just take some time.

++ On a more positive note, with all the exciting Marvel announcements, I think the one that is the most anticipated is Captain Marvel getting her own solo movie that hopefully, if all goes well, gets a future franchise. It's sad that there's no announcement for a future Black Widow solo movie (because come on after being featured in four Marvel films she deserves to be front and center of her own story), but at least there's going to be a female superhero movie and that is at least a step in the right direction. Personally, I still want Katee Sackhoff to play Carol Danvers, she is pretty much my number one choice. Of course, I'm a fan so naturally I would be biased in saying this role would be perfect for her.
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