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Pretty Little Liars: "How The 'A' Stole Christmas" Special Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 5.13 "How The 'A' Stole Christmas"

In the special Christmas episode, the girls remain in Rosewood for the holidays while conducting an investigation in hopes to incriminate Alison and let Spencer off the hook for being framed for Bethany Young's murder. Meanwhile, in classic A Christmas Carol fashion, Alison gets visited by the ghosts of Mona and her mother to warn her about what is to come.

The Girls vs. Alison

This episode didn't bring anything new aside from how the girls no longer trust Alison and are convinced that she killed Mona, though it does give some insight on who Alison has now aligned herself with, at least for the time being.

Honestly, I feel terribly conflicted because while I know the girls have every reason for distrusting Alison, the show has humanized her so much prior to these recent episodes that I can't really see the Alison = Epitome Of All Evil sort of thing that the girls see. Which for them I can understand that is how they feel, not just with everything that happened but with their disillusionment from their history with her. So for them to naturally assume that Alison is "A" and behind everything it makes perfect sense. But to everything that we, the viewers, have seen and witnessed through Alison's perspective it doesn't.

I've said this before and I'll reiterate: I don't believe Alison is "A" and I don't believe she killed Mona. I do think the girls have valid reasons to distrust her, but not on these particular things.

The Bethany Young situations is trickier since we still don't know all the information yet, though the connection with the DiLaurentis family is definitely a big one. Did Alison know Bethany? Was there something that Alison isn't saying regarding her relationship with Bethany? Is that letter that Hanna found real, or was it planted? There's still pieces of that puzzle missing and I think that it all combines to what really happened that night when Alison was knocked out and presumed dead by her mother.

When Jessica says to Alison in this episode, "they'll be coming for you", it may allude to two specific things. The girls plotting their revenge on her, or someone else entirely, perhaps even both.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Alison DiLaurentis, just everything about her scenes made me want to hug her. I've come to find myself loving Alison the more we see of her, and it helps that we're not seeing her through the lenses of how the girls see her, but rather Alison's perspective and seeing how she is when she's alone. And I think the major credit goes to Sasha who manages to capture my heart with her acting.

++ I am curious about why Jenna and Sydney decided to join Alison's ranks now. For survival they say or to be on the inside, possibly both. And I'm also curious as to those twins.

++ Speaking of, again with the twin allusions. First with those two and then with the flashback dream sequence with young!Alison finding the two identical yellow dresses that her mother told her to lie about. Significance? Alison and Bethany might have been twins? Bethany and someone else being twins and Jessica was giving that dress trying to play nice? Idk, but it's intriguing me and I'm hoping that more answers are given soon.

++ Mona flashback, yay! And more Mona in general, really. Just proves that even though the character is dead doesn't mean she can't come back in another form.

Things I didn't like:

++ I felt this episode was kind of anticlimactic? Not like the Halloween episodes where something major was kind of revealed. I guess that's what it meant with "A" taking a holiday vacation.

++ Ugh, Ezra being there and acting like he's part of the family instead of a creepy stalkerish pedo that he is. Boo show, boo.

++ lol Paige going "that's what you want not what I want." Karma coming back to bite you on the ass when you decided things for Emily instead of allowing her to choose for herself. Sounds like Paige may be leaving Rosewood (hallelujah!) however considering this show she'll disappear only to reappear again claiming to be for Emily which I am not here for that.

Overall: Not the best of episodes as far as specials go, I much prefer the Halloween ones since they are guaranteed to bring some of the creepy. But still decent enough to watch and wait until the show comes back from hiatus.
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