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❋ O tidings of comfort and joy. ❋

++ ✧・゚:* Merry Christmas! *:・゚✧ I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, if you celebrated. Mine was relatively lowkey, we didn't really get as festive as we usually do due to the fact that we sort of started getting ready for the season later than normal. But overall, it was pretty okay.

++ Apparently Writer's Block is back. I never thought I would see the day.

++ Orphan Black Season 3 teaser, and in case anyone else who doesn't know already Ksenia Solo from Lost Girl will be guest-starring in the new season!

++ Okay, so I'm not part of the Legend of Korra fandom, but hearing about what happened in the series finale it makes me incredibly happy to see a F/F relationship featured in a children's program, and yes, it has been officially confirmed canon and fully acknowledged as a bisexual relationship by the creators. While there was no actual on-screen kiss, it definitely was a big step in the right direction of having some representation. Also, I've been watching reaction videos and I love seeing all the excited, flaily responses, this one being my favorite because I can totally relate being an utter fangirling mess when it comes to my ships. Like, I feel you girl, I feel you. And to have your particular ship be shown and confirmed as canon when you never thought it would be, especially in acknowledgment about the development of their relationship and sexuality? That is an awesome and amazing thing. I just feel so happy for all you Korrasami fans out there. (✿◠‿◠)
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