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Some television talk.

++ Galavant is absolutely glorious in its utter ridiculousness, the right amount of cheese and hilarity, plus the songs are catchy as hell. I think I've been subconsciously humming "off on a heroes journey" for days now. And I'm now just finding out that it's actually only eight episodes, kind of a mid-season miniseries event. It makes sense though, given the nature of the show, and I would much rather have eight wonderfully crackalicious episodes (per season if they decide to do more) instead of it lagging on.

++ I haven't seen Agent Carter yet, but I'm thrilled to hear all the positive reactions so far. Essentially, Peggy being protective of women, brutally beating men up, and overall being amazing? That is what I live for, and all I ever wanted from the show and I can't wait to see it fully in action. Furthermore, the fact that not only is Lyndsy Fonseca and Enver Gjokaj on the show but Bridget Regan is also going to be on as well? YES PLS.

++ Edward James Olmos is going to have a recurring role on Agents of Shield. Looks like Papa Adama is going to create some obstacles for Coulson and his team.

++ Grace Helbig is going to have her own show debuting on E! soon, and I'm very excited and proud of her. I know there's some nervousness about a YouTube personality and comedian making headway onto traditional media, because there's this sense that regular audiences might not understand or get her style of humor. But honestly, I think she'll do fine. She's already proved that she can do well in things outside of the Internet, from starring in a feature film to writing her own book, so I'm definitely rooting for her. ♥

++ I spent some time going through TV Tropes' Screwed By The Network section, and reading through it all made me quite upset and bitter all over again. Anyone who has had their favorite show unjustly toyed with and cancelled understands this feeling. I understand it's a complicated business and certain compromises must be made and shows get cancelled all the time whether we like it or not, but damn, when you read some of the mindless and bullshit ways certain networks have mishandled and mistreated particular shows it really makes you question the level of incompetence of some of these network executives.
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