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Observations and Theories: Veronica Mars, Ep. 2.03

Alrighty, knowing that I will eventually get around to reviewing the most recent Veronica Mars episode, "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang" -- I'm hoping sooner than later before the next one airs -- I've written up another speculation/theorizing section from the episode. Relatively short, because some will be thoroughly covered in the review itself, and I might just have a followup after this.

Veronica Mars loves unicorns. Recalling back to the pilot series premiere, the Veronica Mars Voiceover was explaining through a flashback about her mother's whereabouts stated that after Keith losing his job and their status and money, Lianne Mars left a note on a unicorn music box as a goodbye gift. She also plays the music box nearing the end of that episode. While this doesn't necessarily state that Veronica liked unicorns from her own mouth specifically, the implication and context within is something of the mundane but is an interesting tidbit to our Veronica's personal likes besides being the sneaking superspy slueth and genius photographer. I just thought her bringing up the unicorn obsession was too cute, and I'm also thinking that Kristen Bell herself likes unicorns and thus either her or Rob Thomas threw that in.

Veronica and Cassidy. I'm having this theory that Cassidy (a.k.a. Beaver) is going to be very helpful to Veronica and vice versa. I'm also thinking that, through subtext seen in these last episodes, that Cassidy is developing a little crush on her. It's not definite, but after observing the interactions between these two in their scenes together, there's no denying that Cassidy has this little twinkle in his eyes whenever asking for Veronica's help (or, at least, while conversing with her regardless of favors). Whether true of false in the near future, their cuteness isn't to be overlooked. Tell me I'm not the only one thinking of Veronica/Cassidy shippiness.

Alicia's mysteryman and possible secret. Here's what I'm thinking about this scenario: That man calling Alicia "Sherry" or "Cher" might possibly be Wallace's biological father, someone that Alicia has been trying to keep away from her family life -- hence why she had escaped to Neptune, to get away from whatever had been happening prior and to start a brand new life. I'm also speculating that Alicia might've done something terrible....perhaps that this man might be Wallace's biological father and the one that Wallace said was dead was probably his stepfather who he'd thought was he real father. Or maybe, Alicia had done something terrible from before she moved to Neptune and now this man -- either impostering a cop or is the real deal -- is her past coming back to haunt her, or something to that effect. Either way the bottle spins, this storyline to a secondary/minor character is very intriguing and I'm liking the suspense so far.
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