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Lost Girl: "When God Opens A Window" Episode Review

Lost Girl 5.04 "When God Opens A Window"

So. Dyson has a son. Interesting.

And Bo slept him. Awkward.

This was of course unbeknownst to her at the time, and I think we were all trying to figure out what his deal was up until the moment when Dyson mentioned that they were bother Shifters it definitely gave us that clue that they were somehow connected to one another. It's also something to connect the conversation between Dyson and Vex regarding the love of sons, the complications that came with it. Speaking of which, I liked seeing them facing off each other. Well, Dyson in particular who gets rather scary when he's pissed off.

And of course there's the Tamsin and Bo being partners in crime. I adore them together, and furthermore adore them having their little playful banter. Most of all, though, I adore the way Tamsin looks after Bo. She's like, "you need to heal, feed off me." Plus I loved that they shared a sense of familiarity in regards to their past, since they both sort of understood where Mark came from and identified with him through what they've been through; they're equals in a lot of ways. I miss Kenzi, because the Bo and Kenzi relationship has been pretty much the core of the show since day one, but I love that this gives us a chance to see Bo and Tamsin connecting with each other and doing things together. And soon doing each other. ;)

So it appears that Evony, despite being human, is still calling the shots.

I have issue with Lauren keeping the serum to turn her back to being Fae away from her, mostly because what she did to her was not consensual and it skeeves me out. Regardless of whether she's Dark Fae or not and possibly one of their biggest antagonists, that is beyond gross. I highly doubt they'll get into that, or have Lauren suffer repercussions, and it disturbs me. Especially considering that she hasn't even considered the backlash that this would cause, like really? Manipulating the Dark Fae leader into sex to turn her human, you thought this wouldn't be a bigger deal? Whatever. I kinda want Evony to become Fae again and kind of wreck havoc after this, tbh.

I'm quite curious about what is happening regarding the sacrifices, there's definitely a lot of mythos surrounding it and it's certainly connected with Persephone's candle and what it signifies.
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