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Lost Girl: "It's Your Lucky Fae" Episode Review

Lost Girl 5.05 "It's Your Lucky Fae"

BO AND TAMSIN! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Pretty much the highlight of the episode for me, honestly. I ship them so hard. And I like that it isn't just with the sexual and physical attraction, but there's an actual chemistry and connection between them. In previous seasons there was ultimate UST for sure, but it has developed into something deeper, and you can tell how much Tamsin really cares about Bo. She trusts her, she believes in her, and overall she listens to her. Tamsin is basically the first person Bo has told regarding what she learned when she was in Valhalla about her father, where she was born, and what possibly could be in her future. And Tamsin? She knows she cannot fix things, but she can reassure Bo that she isn't alone and that they can fight this together. And just. Yeah. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I LOVE TAMSIN SO MUCH. I LOVE THAT TAMSIN AND BO ARE CONNECTING LIKE THIS AND THAT VALKUBUS IS BASICALLY CANON AT THIS POINT. ♥

I mean, relationship status aside I want Bo to be perfectly content with whoever she chooses to spend the rest of her life with, be it romantically or platonically, with lovers or with family. Tamsin is part of her family, and I'm just happy that we've reached the point of the show where we're seeing Bo/Tamsin featured as a reality. ♥♥(◕ω◕✿) ♥

This episode was half-cracky (Bo turning into a cat lol) and half-devastating (what happened with Cassie).

I was worried that Cassie was going to be killed off, and that would have saddened me because I really like her character. She wasn't, thank goodness, but what happened to her was even more horrible. Essentially whatever did happen to her allowed her and the two other Oracles to see the entire universe, from beginning to end, and it was so painful to see so much of everything that the only way to stop it was to rip out their own eyes. Whatever Cassie saw was too much, too horrible to want to see again.

(Although really Lauren? When she says, "I saw the universe...the beginning and the end" don't question what those things mean. jfc.)

Bo was cute with nearly transforming into a cat, lol. Though I'm kind of sad that for her birthday everyone keeps giving her ridiculous, nonsensical things. It's like when everyone kept giving her weapons as gifts, as if that's all they see about her. Why not give Bo a gift card to a massage therapist? Or a free dinner at her favorite restaurant? You know, something actually relieving of what she does on a daily basis.

(She does get Tamsin in the end though, that's probably the best present she could have ever gotten. ♥)

I'll be upfront, I'm not too fond of Mark. It seems too late to be introducing new characters like that. Unless he has something to offer in these remaining episodes of the series, I'd much rather not have him involved.
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