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"I can, and I did."

++ Richard Armitage has been cast in NBC's Hannibal as antagonist Francis Dolarhyde, and will be appearing in a six-episode arc. I NEARLY HAD A HEART ATTACK WHEN I READ THIS, I AM EXCITED AND SO PROUD. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

++ Gina Rodriguez winning is possibly the only thing I care about re: the Golden Globes. From her acceptance speech to the press room interview afterwards, this is a prime example on why representation is important. Having a culture and people positively represented without being subjected to being stereotyped, of allowing them to become heroes of their own stories, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. And Gina is so utterly adorable. It's even more exciting that Jane the Virgin was renewed for a second season (alongside The 100 and Reign) when people were doubting its return due to struggling against ratings, but it's been praised and acclaimed by critics and received positive feedback all around regardless. With the renewal, the recognition and the win, I'm just overall very happy. (◕‿◕✿)

++ Another thing I was happy about was the mentioning of Leelah Alcorn during Transparent's win, along with dedicating the award to her and other transgendered youth who are struggling with acceptance with their own families. Her story wasn't just tragic, it was devastating and it makes me angry how heartless and cowardly her parents are with wanting to erase her daughter's identity and silencing her words about the abuse she was suffering. By mentioning her name on national television, hopefully it brings awareness to her story that I'm hoping people will take to heart if they haven't already, and fight against the discrimination, hate crimes and abuse that the transgender individuals face.
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