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Lost Girl: "Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts" Episode Review

Lost Girl 5.06 "Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts"

Things I was here for:

Tamsin being a snarky cheerleader and a football player, and looking hot as both. ♥

Queer representation of a football player and a male cheerleader being a couple together.

Greek mythology being part of the plot, which I'm definitely curious about and it certainly will be interesting once Bo reveals what she encountered and learned when she was in Valhalla with Persephone, and how she may have been the cause of this as she did light the candle. It does make you question what is going to happen, whose side they are really on, and how this all connects to Bo's final confrontation with her father. Either way, Greek mythology fascinates me and I'm intrigued on how the show is going to integrate them into the remaining last episodes of the series.

Things I wasn't here for:

The whole competition thing about who gets to be with Bo, because it's such a tired concept about romantic triangles and there being a competition about who gets to claim someone else from another person, and at this point in the show it's rather exhausting and we don't need anymore of that. What sucks is how in love Tamsin is with Bo, and how she cares about her well-being, and considering how they've been going about their relationship on the show it will only end in heartbreak and I'm also not here for that, either. I know it is ultimately Bo's decision and that's what matters most, but it's just, Tam-Tam has been blissfully happy in these last episodes, and to see that taken away from her and this being her last life too, just no.

Also, I'm someone who is advocating for Bo to be in a polyamorous relationship, as she obviously loves all the people she's been romantically involved with in the show and it would solve all the problems with the shipping debate on who she has to be with as endgame. She can be with all of them. Plus it makes sense given her nature as a succubus. Furthermore, aside from that, I would love at the end of the day to just choose Kenzi as her life partner, since it started with them and it should end with them.

My worry is how the show is going to handle it, since they're trying to do the pitting one lover against another kind of deal already and Bo has to "make a decision" or whatever, a tired trope I want to see die in a fire. Just, allow Bo to be poly, please. It's not that hard, and she's already kind of been in a sense, just without anything being official stated.
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