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That OTP meme.

Saw this making the rounds on my flist and figured, why not?

Choose 5 OTPs without looking at the questions behind the cut first, then tag friends to do the same.

01. Bilbo/Thorin (The Hobbit)
02. John/Cameron (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
03. Bo/Tamsin (Lost Girl)
04. Max/Zack (Dark Angel)
05. Emily/Alison (Pretty Little Liars)

01. Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 5?
I always liked the thought of Emily and Alison being together, but I really started shipping them late season four and early season five. It's an interesting dynamic because of their history together, and I love the natural chemistry they with each other.

02. Have you ever read fanfiction about 2?
Not so much?

03. If 3 were to suddenly break up today, what would your reaction be?
Well, technically it kind of already happened in the latest episode, to which I'm both sad and angry about. Sad because I wanted Tamsin to be happy, angry because after everything those two have been through together the writers suddenly decided to make it an unrequited attraction which, yeah, no. Fuck that bullshit. Tamsin deserves much better than that, goodbye.

04. Why is 1 so important?
BECAUSE EVERYTHING. Seriously though, Bilbo and Thorin are so important to each other because they both grow because of the other. And not in a co-dependent kind of way, but in what they experienced and learned from the other they grew and understood each other. To quote Richard Armitage: "There wouldn't be a Thorin without a Bilbo." Their journeys paralleled each other in so many different ways, despite from coming from two different worlds, and in the end it was the pureness of that love that prevailed against all odds. JUST. THEIR LOVE IS SO IMPORTANT I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH. ~ ♥

05. Is 4 a funny ship or a serious ship?
A serious ship, definitely. I can see Max trying to loosen Zack up a bit, lighten his mood, since she's definitely not here for him being a downer and he has shown his softer side when he's around her sometimes. But other than that, given their lives it can be hard to be lighthearted and funny.

06. Out of all your ships listed, which ship has the most chemistry?
All of them have amazing chemistry. There is not one that has more or less.

07. Of all the ships, which ship has the strongest bond?
I think it's a tie between Bilbo/Thorin and John/Cameron, simply for the trust factor. Both had a slow burn that ended up being an absolute trust and utter love with the other.

08. How many times have you read/watched 2's fandom?
Considering it only had two seasons, I rewatch it constantly (should do a rewatch again soon) and I'm always on the look out for what is happening in the fandom itself. It's rather small but still quite loyal, the John/Cameron part of fandom.

09. Which ship lasted the longest?
As in canonically? Interestingly enough none of my listed OTPs have had an official coming out as a canon couple, but certainly loads of subtext which can be interpreted as such (and kissing, for Bo/Tamsin and Emily/Alison).

10. How many times, if ever, has 5 broken up?
Twice. Once in a flashback when Alison dismissed Emily's feelings because their kissing was "just practice for the real thing", and the second time [spoilers]during the fifth season when Emily was angrily upset and confronted Alison about lying, and declaring that she was done defending her. Even more so when she intentionally planted evidence to frame Alison for a murder they think she committed (but obviously she didn't). I never said shipping my OTPs weren't painful.

11. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it out alive, 1 or 3?
Oh goodness, that would be an interesting thing to witness. I'm not entirely sure since both have faced some strange shit, from orcs and goblins to different kinds of Fae. I will say that despite fighting in many battles Thorin would be stupid enough to go out trying to fight without proper armor on, so he might possibly end up getting bitten somewhere during a fight. Unless of course Bilbo manages to talk sense into him. I'm questioning about Bo and Tamsin, because their Fae powers work on the living, but I'm not uncertain it would work on the undead. Regardless though, they have weapons, they've fought in apocalypse shit before, Tamsin being a Valkyrie she could plow through the zomb-zombs just as much as Bo could. It's a tough call, honestly. I think judging from their warrior stances both couples could survive.

12. Did 4 ever have to hide their relationship for any reason?
I would think that Max and Zack would have to keep their relationship on the down-low simply because of the risk factor of someone finding out who they were. Also because of the quasi-incestuous implications.

13. Is 5 still together?
At this moment in time, no.

14. If all five ships were put into a couple's Hunger Games, which couple would win?
Honestly? It would be a close call. Max and Zack would definitely survive since they're genetically enhanced killing machines who were trained as children to become ruthless soldiers, complete with not just the physical but also mental in strategic planning and whatnot. John and Cameron too, since she's a machine and he's been kind of trained too in a sense, both would work together in surviving, with Cameron always kind of doing whatever necessary to protect him from danger. And also since she's a machine she could sustain most of what an arena may throw at her. Thorin and Bilbo would also probably survive too, Thorin being a warrior while Bilbo is able to improvise and think on his feet (and he's saved Thorin many times doing just that, too). Bo and Tamsin have survived much amongst the Fae world, I'm pretty sure they could handle something like this too. I'm not certain about Emily and Alison, though; Emily can swim efficiently and Alison can hide pretty easily. If manipulation comes in handy perhaps that, as well. But quite frankly in comparison to the others, they might not last as long. But they definitely wouldn't go out without a fight. So aside from them, I'd say it would be a four-way tie.

15. Has anyone ever tried to sabotage 5's ship?
Certainly. "A", Paige, some of the girls who don't understand why Emily is/was so trusting of Alison, the writers, etc.

16. Which ship(s) would you defend to the death and beyond?
All of them. Every single one. They are my OTPs for a reason.

17. Have you ever spent hours a day going through 3's tumblr page?
Yes, I follow some pretty hardcore Valkubus shippers, and they're all fabulous. ♥ I do that for all my ships, actually, because I need my fix. The only one missing would be Max/Zack because it's such a rare pairing and the Dark Angel fandom is incredibly small.

18. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you that you had to pick one of the five ships to break up forever, which ship would you sink?
I would tell them to fuck off because nothing could ever make me break up one of my precious OTPs.
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