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We're not too cool to dance...

++ Rutina Wesley has joined Hannibal. Most will know her as Tara from True Blood, and here she will play opposite of Richard Armitage's Francis Dolarhyde in the third season as Reba McClane, his blind love interest. So far the casting for S3 has been exceptional. I wasn't much of a True Blood watcher but I have seen her scenes (since Tara and Layfayette were the only characters I cared about, tbh) and I very much enjoyed her performance there, so I'm particularly intrigued with this particular role and how she and Richard are going to play their scenes together.

++ So incredibly happy that Orange Is The New Black and How To Get Away With Murder won at the SAG awards the other night, and the fact that both Uzo Aduba and Viola Davis won, both giving amazingly beautiful and powerful acceptance speeches, proves how much better it was in comparison to the lack of diversity in the Oscar nominations. Just the acknowledgement that stories about minorities, stories about women, stories written by women for women, this kind of representation matters and is important to show recognition for.

++ Even though they're on hiatus at the moment, I'm sort of pausing my watch of Lost Girl until after the show ends to see where it all goes. As of right now I'm not particularly liking what they're doing, especially in terms of character relationships. In general they've been rather lackluster with how they've been treating this season, almost like it's not the last season at all. The slow pacing, main characters exiting while new ones are introduced with no relevance or contribution to the plot thus far. I don't know, it's confusing to me. I'm also going to be catching up with Pretty Little Liars and with Agent Carter, the latter in which I'm hoping gets renewed because it deserves it. Galavant was amazing as usual, sad that it's over though. I haven't been keeping up with Sleepy Hollow and with the disappointment it's been this season I don't expect to be rushing anytime soon. At least there is some acknowledgement about its decline, from the audience and critics to even the actors, which I hope the direction of the show gets corrected soon, otherwise it'll be yet another wasted potential show that started off good but turned into an unwatchable trainwreck.
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