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Daily Updates

I. Since Serenity is already out (in which I urge everyone and their grandmother to go see, pronto!), I am looking forward to some new attractions coming to theaters. Memoirs of a Geisha, based on the best-selling novel starring Zhang Ziyi as Chiyo (a.k.a. Sayuri, her geisha title). Aeon Flux starring Charlize Theron. Quite obviously, there's the infamous Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that comes out this November, and lastly the Disney/Walden collaboration in their rendition of C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe; this'll be the fourth time the Narnia series has been made into a movie (not counting the many stage performances and the musicals).

II. I've seen Serenity all of three times so far, and I'm continuing to count the more times I do see it before it's out of the theaters. Converted my little cousins into liking the film -- they're not honorary Browncoats quite yet, but perhaps someday we'll all watch Firefly together when me and my sister visit them again and they'll get hooked on it. I know one cousin totally loves Jayne (because of the massive weapon collection and guns), so showing him the series would be a piece of cake, especially if I show him "Jaynestown". Hee! Seeing the movie again this Wednesday, whoo-hoo!

III. Meat is good. I've been craving meat for the past week, and been pretty much devouring anything that I find meaty delicious. I think my carnivore instincts have risen from inside of me. Yes, I'm an odd duckling, but hey, me loves meat! Mmmm, protein....

IV. This article from a Christan perspective review of Serenity is very interesting. There's points that I slightly disagree with, however this analysis does bring up lots of intriguing points of our very cynical and bitter Captain Malcolm Reynolds and is very thoroughly thought through. Case in point, many Christian reviews for the film says that they enjoyed it -- which is saying something definite of how clear and well-rounded this universe Joss created. Including the Pax and the Alliance storyline that reflects our own government issues; it's the cleverest propaganda and Utopian-vision of how our future could eventually wind up. The Alliance trying to create a sin-free world where there's no higher crime or aggressive from citizens, unlike the government itself that's trying to play God to the majority of worlds it had terraformed to hold human life. Joss created this world reflecting our world, 500 years into the future that's as realistic as it can be. We're still humans, no machines or alien lifeforms to overpower us; it's humans that's destroying humanity, not other entities or manmade machines. All this and more has been presented and demonstrated in the film and in the series, which makes it a likeable universe different from other Sci-Fi movies out there. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at the universe Joss had created. It's amazing that Serenity is getting many praises from all shorts of points-of-views, fans and non-fans alike. It's really a cult-following phenomenon.

V. New Veronica Mars this week, however I have to wait until freaking November for a new House M.D. episode! Argh, fucking baseball. >:O
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