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Pretty Little Liars: "Fresh Meat" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 5.15 "Fresh Meat"

As Alison remains locked behind bars, the girls have their own separate worries. Aria goes on a downward spiral after she has been rejected from every single college she applied to, Emily tries to distract herself from her long distance relationship with Paige, Hanna tries to find Holbrook to get some answers, while Spencer and Caleb hide crucial evidence that may get them into trouble if found, despite that it also may get them into trouble if discovered they destroyed that evidence. Meanwhile "A" is still wandering about out there even though the girls still believe Alison is behind it all.

The Right Thing vs. The Smart Thing

Pretty much everyone is digging themselves deeper the more they try to handle certain situations, it's both frustrating and interesting to see it unfold.

The conversation between Spencer and Toby about doing the right thing made me rather curious, because nothing what they're doing seems to be either the right thing or the smart thing. It's understandable that after everything they've all gone through that they seem skeptical about what to do or how to handle it. They've tried going to authorities before with evidence, and it's come to bite them in the ass. They've tried telling the truth, again same thing. They've tried playing things by the book, they've tried hiding, but always it seems like someone is watching their every move and looking for any way of incriminating them. So I can understand the conflict about the right thing versus the smart thing in a difficult situation such as a possible murder weapon that might incriminate someone who isn't at fault. But it's rather hypocritical considering that they intentionally planted evidence incriminating Alison for something she obviously didn't commit.

Which makes the conversation that Caleb had with Spencer about his own wrongfully incriminating past seem the most ironic, because he was framed for something he didn't commit. He was young, he had made stupid mistakes but he wasn't guilty of what they were charging him for. That's literally the exact situation that Alison is in, that they put her there for.

Everyone thinks they're doing the right thing, but the right thing differs from person to person depending on their perspective. Toby thinks that by becoming a cop that he can prevent things from happening, but there are restrictions and he can easily becoming as corrupted and crooked as Garret and Wilden or become suspicious in their motives as Holbrook. Spencer and Caleb think that by destroying the evidence of what could possibly be a murder weapon will protect them, but in truth it can only do more damage than good no matter what they attempted to do. The girls thought that by framing Alison for a crime they think she committed was the right thing to do because, in their minds, that is the only answer that makes sense. Like, the right thing isn't always the smart thing. Interestingly enough, "A" doesn't need to be around to destroy their lives, the girls are doing that just fine on their own by the decisions they're making.

It's also interesting that the only person making some sense at the moment is Alison, who unfortunately has been locked up because of these brash decisions being made from others.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Alison broke my heart in this episode. Like, Sasha is just so amazing because her performance with a battered down Alison is just heartbreaking. From the obvious exhaustion, from signs that she'd been beaten up while locked up, from the aching desperation in her voice to hear from someone she knew, only to be iced out even by her own brother. Like, seriously. Amazing, and I love her so much. ♥

++ Things are getting messier for everyone, and as much as it's frustrating it's still fascinating because you know the fallout is gonna be beautiful and incredibly satisfying.

++ Caleb is really attractive. Like, he always has been but for some reason this episode made me very conscious of this fact. ♥

++ Speaking of which I like it when particular characters who don't often team up spend some time together, like Spencer and Caleb in this episode. I just like mixing up the gang a bit and it's nice when you see some get paired off to do investigations and planning and plotting and getting into trouble together, even if the trouble is more likely to cause more harm than good.

++ It looks like Hanna is growing out her hair and the black streaks are gone.

Things I didn't like:

++ I'm not entirely certain about this, especially when a police officer is off duty, but isn't there a particular rule about what someone can or cannot talk about or reveal around someone in the force? Similar to how a juror isn't allowed to talk about a case they're serving on until it's over? Both Spencer and Toby are at fault for this, since Toby is openly discussing things without his superiors present and Spencer is talking about particular details that could get her in major trouble. And the whole conversation about "I thought I could tell you anything" -- like I'm sorry, since when does "talk about anything" mean "reveal all the possible information that could incriminate me even though you're a cop and my boyfriend and you wouldn't do anything to put me away". That is how corrupt cops like Garret and Wilden happen. Like, the entire system is systematically fucked to begin with we know that, especially in Rosewood, but dammit please think with your brains. At least Toby is trying to think rationally.

++ Also destroying possible evidence for something that may have their DNA on it. Wow. Good job, bros. I mean I get it they're freaked and they did have a heated discussion about what to do with that evidence, but seriously again thinking with your brains instead of worrying about the possibility of the worst case scenarios.

++ Aria's letter. I just. I can't. That was literally the dumbest thing ever, I actually cringed when Emily was reading it aloud. Why did she think it was a good idea to write that? In what world did she think that would even fly, no matter what Jackie's status was?

++ Emily having a meltdown over Paige not responding to her over long distance was sort of understandable, but kind of over the top. At least there was some funny moments?

++ Jason, Jason, Jason. I don't know what is happening, esp after getting with Hanna's mom, but I'm sensing some shadiness.

Overall: Eh, the most favorable of episodes, kind of filler really. It's more about watching the downward spiral of the girls and waiting until the moment when shit starts going down for real, especially since they've dug their own grave with attempting to destroy possible evidence.
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