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02 February 2015 @ 06:21 am
Pretty Little Liars: "Over A Barrel" Episode Review  
Pretty Little Liars 5.16 "Over A Barrel"

After getting an automatic text from Mona's security breech concerning her laptop, Spencer and Caleb continue their investigation by locating where said laptop was and whether it was Holbrook who is actually behind it; Aria also tries connecting Holbrook but ends up conversing with Jason instead. Hanna is caught between the knowledge of what she knows concerning Jason and her mom and where to go from there.

Who Is "A"?

It's the ongoing question as long as the show lives, isn't it?

Seriously though, while the episode didn't give us anything new aside from the contents of what was inside of the storage locker, I've been wondering about who has been pulling the "A" strings lately and who might be in cahoots with whom.

Holbrook seems to be the biggest culprit that the girls have suspected, and they suspect he is helping Alison pin Mona's murder on them. It could be highly possible that he isn't all what he appears to be, since it wouldn't be the first time someone in law enforcement ended up being crooked. Though I don't think he's helping Alison. I remember from the season premiere when Holbrook called the theater where he believed the girls were, he seemed genuinely surprised that Alison picked up the phone, and Alison seemed pretty uncertain herself. Did they know each other prior to recent events? It's possible. But I don't think he's helping her, at least in the sense that the girls are thinking. He may be wanting to help her by proving that she had nothing to do with what happened, getting answers, which in turn would help the rest of them get off from whoever is attempting to frame them.

Another possibility is that Holbrook is shadier than shady, and he is helping someone out. And that person might be someone like Jason DiLaurentis.

Jason has been quite sketchy ever since Alison returned to Rosewood. Obviously there was history between the both of them, similar to everyone else, they didn't have the solid of brother-sister relationships, and that he may have his reasons for being the way he is. Perhaps he truly does believe that Alison may be playing her old games again, that she probably did do something to Mona and to their mother. He certainly appears to be struggling with his decision of turning her in, because he cannot face her, either out of guilt or disgust about the very thought of her possibly committing those crimes. But there are instances with this episode where there seems to be something off with the way he's approaching characters. Talking with Aria about Alison, about Holbrook, especially since Aria was supposed to meet Holbrook around that time, the flowers that Aria was supposed to deliver which was a direct link to what happened between Jason and Ashley Marin. It could all be mere coincidence, but the possibility is still there.

There's also the new players in town. That new chef girl and the guy living in the Hastings barn. Granted it could just be new characters for the sake of gaining new relationships for both Emily and Spencer, both who are now struggling with their own with what has currently conspired, but whenever a new character is introduced it's fair game to be suspicious of them. There's also the missing characters in action: Jenna and Sydney, Lucas, Noel, Cece, the group of followers Alison had, Melissa. There's a lot of characters that could be involved, but at the moment the show is focusing on Alison (who isn't "A", in my book), Holbrook and Jason as the main possible culprits in the bigger scheme of things. The main question would have to be why? What would be the motive of whoever is playing games now?

The show likes throwing curveballs and give us red-herrings, so I'm not entirely certain what to trust in terms of narrative at this point. It gives me a headache thinking of all the possible connections only to be disappointed when the most obviously exciting one isn't the reveal (see: everything involving the mislead of Ezra, awesome setup but a wasted opportunity).

I think whoever the "Big A" is though, is connected to Bethany Young. I think that this is all connected somehow.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ More Spencer and Caleb teaming up! I'm loving their scenes together, even though it is creating a strain between Spencer and Toby because of how much risks they're taking. But I do love them being all super sleuths and taking on these kinds of tasks. It makes me mourn the fact we won't be having more Spencer/Mona team ups, or hell even Spencer/Caleb/Mona team ups, because that would've been even amazing.

++ I know it'll probably be a mislead, but the entire notion about Mona's body being inside of a barrel, either being preserved or dissolved into slush is chilling in and of itself.

Things I didn't like:

++ It's really frustrating when the girls talk about things in public for anyone to overhear. Like, discussing what they did with possible incriminating evidence against them? Possible illegal things? They've basically regressed from the earlier seasons when they would be having these conversations in private, like their bedrooms or something. Like, I know filming-wise they have limited places to go but, come on. Girls. Brains. Use them, please.

++ The whole relationship trouble thing kind of bores me, to be honest. Also, in general it irks me that the girls can't be single for a second without there being someone there for them.

++ I felt sorry for the whole Ashley and Ted situation, though. But I'm not really understanding what the show is trying to do with Ashley in the sense that she can never truly be in a happy relationship and that she has to cheat in order to feel something or connect with someone, even though she may regret her actions later. It just seemed like something to give the actress, but I feel like it was kind of unnecessary, you know? Idk.

++ I don't feel sorry for Aria re: the letter coming back to bite her in the ass through "A". That one is on her.

Overall: Aside from the storage locker, it was yet another lackluster filler episode. I have one more episode to go before I'm officially caught up with all the aired episodes, but I'm just waiting until something revolutionary pops up with the storyline or with the characters.
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Julie: AoE ★ heretiqueragnarok_08 on February 2nd, 2015 04:06 pm (UTC)
It's really frustrating when the girls talk about things in public for anyone to overhear.

I know - it really is infuriating DX
Renée: Pretty Little Liars. Secrets.rogueslayer452 on February 2nd, 2015 04:20 pm (UTC)
You'd think they would be smarter to not discuss such details openly, since it's gotten them into trouble before.
Creature Of Hobbit: jason dilaurentistellshannon815 on February 2nd, 2015 10:21 pm (UTC)
I think this episode's mostly filler.
Yes, I felt this episode was kind of filler and preferred the following one.

Although I don't want Jason to be A, I have thought there was something suspect about him since the "Jessica buried Alison alive" revelation, because I couldn't think at the time who else Jessica would cover for. I can't say too much more but I have been thinking more along those lines again recently.

I don't think Mona is in the barrel.
Renée: Pretty Little Liars. Spencer Hastings.rogueslayer452 on February 3rd, 2015 08:29 am (UTC)
Re: I think this episode's mostly filler.
I have thought there was something suspect about him since the "Jessica buried Alison alive" revelation, because I couldn't think at the time who else Jessica would cover for.

There is a strong possibility that he was involved with that. We know from the flashbacks that he was drunk and passed out that particular night, but what if that wasn't the entire truth? What if, like Spencer, he did something that he couldn't remember hence leading his mother to protecting him all this time? It doesn't help that his relationship with his sister was strained as it was during that time.

Though, I still think what happened to Alison when she was buried alive is in connection with Bethany Young. Jessica was on the phone that night and seemed rather insistent that Alison remain inside instead of going out, hinting that she knew that Bethany had escaped. So, idk. I have a load of theories based on that alone.

I don't think Mona is in the barrel.

I don't, either. I think it'll be another fake-out, like the pig inside the trunk of Wilden's car.