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Pretty Little Liars: "The Bin Of Sin" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 5.17 "The Bin Of Sin"

"A" is threatening to frame Hanna with the contents of the storage unit, and she decides to construct a plan of action, with the help of Caleb, to break into the locker and take out the barrel and dispose of it elsewhere. Aria confesses to Ezra what she did in writing the letter. Spencer, Emily and Aria discover what Hanna is doing and tracks the laptop to confront her, only to find themselves in yet another "A" trap. Detective Tanner and Toby find the barrel.

What Is In The Barrel?

I highly doubt that it's Mona, otherwise it would have been said.

Something from the reactions from Tanner and Toby have me suspicious that there is something else going on with the contents of what is hidden inside the barrel. Is it remains of another person? Something else entirely? Who knows. But whatever it was, the reactions of both of them intrigued me. Toby obviously is withholding information from Spencer, and it seemed much more than following his job description. And Tanner seemed, not exactly disturbed, but something. Like she wasn't surprised but it still kind of rattled her in a subtle manner.

Also, having the barrel left there while everything else from the storage space had been cleared out is suspicious enough. It's like whoever did it wanted someone to discover it. To build a case against either one of the girls or against Alison, or just to give everyone the run around, who knows.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Even though it was a horrible idea of getting involved even further, I did like that Hanna decided to be proactive and do something. She had it all mapped out with supplies and everything, she even specifically bought protective gloves, you guys. For this show that means there is some progression happening (even though it didn't matter in the end since their fingerprints are all over the storage area anyway). She had a plan of action and was going to go through with it no matter what. Caleb of course wasn't going to have her go alone, especially since he is Mr. Hacker guy. Sadly their plan of action didn't work as planned, and unfortunately both of them are going to be highly suspect when Tanner and Toby interrupted them. But overall, I did quite enjoy the fact that Hanna was planning on doing all this herself no matter what.

++ As I have said plenty times before, when the show is able to do suspense well they do it good. When the girls enter the abandoned factory the atmosphere is just right, along with getting locked inside the freezer and nearly freezing to death within seconds. Emily being badass was also a nice touch.

Things I didn't like:

++ The fact that the girls are so easily lured into an "A" trap is astounding to me. Oh wow, an abandoned factory, this is obviously where Hanna and Caleb are! Right, girls. Remember that brain thing? And the classic, "let's split up" line. I know it did work in their favor in the end, but JFC. Also, why is it that none of them are worried about being spied on from inside their homes? The laptop literally showed footage of Hanna's kitchen, and there have been previously examples of this kind of stuff from over the seasons, and yet the girls haven't even been concerned about what other inconspicuous traps "A" hid to spy on them. I know it's convenient for the show to have these kinds of situations for the suspense to happen, but the girls are smarter than this. To make them seem dumb even at this stage is starting to really frustrate me.

++ The fact that Spencer cannot understand that Toby has a job to do is also frustrating me. I know she wants answers but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed when it comes to something like that, and she should know this. Then again, having a teenager become a cop and be so personally invested with a case that his girlfriend is involved in already seems rather farfetched to me. At least Tanner called him out on that fact.

++ While telling Aria to think about her future without him was probably the most sensible thing Ezra has ever said (too little too late, though, I mean srsly), I can't help but feel like he's hiding something. He seemed far too nonchalant about her letter, even complimenting her on emotionally manipulating Jackie into getting her into the college. He then states that she would grow to resent him if they stayed together? Really, now why is that? That rings too suspicious for me, especially knowing his behavior. I'm not getting my hopes up though, it's clear that the show will never acknowledge his gross predatory behavior again. Still, shady motherfucker is shady as fuck.

++ I'm not that sold on Talia. This show has taught me to trust nobody new, also I dislike that the girls cannot remain single for a second without getting involved with someone else on the side. Never mind that she would have to get involved with someone who doesn't know what's going on and if they're not already secretly being shady then they would get caught in the crossfire and then have to break up, etc. She seems harmless so far, but again you never know.

Overall: While it did have some interesting moments here and there, this episode was again another filler. I wish they didn't have to drag out this whole barrel thing, never mind the whole "Alison is A" when everyone knows that she is not. I mean, it's pretty obvious how gung-ho the girls are set on blaming Alison for everything that it won't come to as a "shock" when the truth is inevitably revealed. Which I hope is soon.
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